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The Beer Garden: What do you drink, and why?



My latest favorite, been drinking this stuff like water for the past month or so:


I finished my Raspberry pi project making a Headunit for my car. When i drowe to the city to test it and because it worked i decided to drop some money for a premium beer. It was 2.29 EUR.


Trying the first bottle of this batch of homebrew.

Burbon Barrel Double IPA


Theres very little alchohol that I like. Most of it tastes really shitty and because I can very easily figure out separate flavors I can taste the alchohol by itself almost instantly and it ruins the drink. Theres some stuff I like because I can’t taste the alchohol at all or quite as quickly.

Mostly black beers, really dark like Guiness or 5’s, or some bourbons / whiskeys like Knot Creek or Crown Royal. Occassionally theres some wierd thing I’ve never heard of or its something like fireball with so much spice your mouth dies instantly… But I wouldn’t call that a regular.

Sam Adams octoberfest comes to mind as well. Hate IPA’s and a lot of ales are called ales but are just black brews. So eh, like 3 or 4 xD


Not much of a big drinker when it comes to beer but I do enjoy a good windhoek :slight_smile:


Scotch and Beer. Islay for region of scotch. Lagavulin. Is my favorite from that region.

Beer, Revolver Blood and Honey has been my go to. Ale Smith Speedway Stout and Three Floyd’s Dreadnaught Double IPA are my all time favorites.

I do like Japanese whiskey but don’t know the names of any.


I’ll be honest, I like a lighter beer. To me, beer is barley pop. Something you drink when you want refreshment. But I drink all sorts of stuff. What I generally avoid is IPA.

I really like Pilsner Urquell - the original pilsner beer.

I also like Japanese beers, Saporro, Kirin Ichiban


sugar free redbull becuase I’m an idiot


a little Jägermeister will fix that redbull on up.


So after work i often have shift beers in which case i’ll have one of the beers my company brews. because its free and not bad…

At home i mix things up a bit. I used to drink red wines almost solely at home. But I’ve found that German Rieslings aren’t bad. I also drink some scotch, and other irish whiskeys. I also drink beer at home as well. For beers i typically either buy something decently refreshing, maybe a lager with a specific hop finish that i typically like, like warsteiner or modelo especial. Or i buy beer with a smooth finish like guiness or murphys or like boddingtons.


I was about to say I don’t drink alcohol but i noticed the topic title says beer garden , im in the wrong neighborhood


But you eventually said it



Willing to share notes?


Just received this in the mail from my dad. My parents hit up the brewery in Easton, PA this week and nabbed me something.

Weyerbacher Double IPA.


Jack & coke if I’m drinking at all.


I have not writing in this thread in a long time. I guess I was too embaressed since I read, “Beer Garden” in the title and assumed it was beer only. Nice to be back.

My boss and a bunch of my coworkers talk a lot about Funky Budda. They even went to the brewery to buy this since it was a limited run or something like that

I’ve always been averse to beers that are too sweet so I saw this and did a lolwut? These novelty, microbrews seem to be a killer for the brewery. I’m trying to work up the gaul to buy a bottle but I just can’t find it in me to try it. It’s been claimed the marshmellow, toasted rice flavor is a small part of it all but damn if I can’t help but feel it’s going to overpower the experience.


I dont drink beer or other wine, due to taste bad.


So why post here, in a thread specifically called The Beer Garden?

As far as an on-topic answer: damn near anything as far as beer goes. I’m not a big fan of belgians or most wheat beers, but do enjoy a well-done sour and am a big fan of berliner weisse as a style. As things get colder I’ll migrate from the lighter IPA’s I’ve been enjoying lately to browns, porters and stouts.

I also homebrew and we have four currently actively providing hop bines on the side of the house. The Cascade plant is on its second year, while the Columbus plant is going insane in its first year, the Saaz and Chinook have maybe a pound each of cones, and the poor Willamette hasn’t flowered a single one yet. It’s awful runty by comparison and I hope it survives the winter.

This is the Columbus, planted beginning of May from a sprout (not a rhizome):


If I can get my hands on it, Bintang