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The Beer Garden: What do you drink, and why?



Well another weird one, a To Øl (roving brewers) Berliner weisse… well I’ll let the product speak for itself.




Top sour beers go

want to get some on my next run.


Not necessarily the top, but good IMO

Le Terrior by New Belgium
La Folie by New Belgium
Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru by Samuel Adams (good luck finding it)
Lolita by Goose Island
Juliet by Goose Island

I don’t know, I honestly look up reviews when I’m in the store since sours are just gaining popularity in my area.
Although I have some people that think that sours are going to be the next “big thing” after the IPA surge.


2017-11-08 09_18_32-lienenkugel sunset wheat at DuckDuckGo


Sam Adams Oktoberfest.

Because I can.


I just…
the whole shabang
I can’t…
I just can’t even.
pink guava

There comes a point in a man’s life when they come out of the closet :wink:

That screams lambic to me it’s clearly not lambic.


Definitely not! I would say not terribly sour even for a Berliner.

I’ll have to let the wife know, she’ll be very surprised! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Alaskan’s 2017 Smoked Porter. Definitely dark, definitely a porter, a strong but not overly harsh smoke flavor. A good early winter beer.




I’m curious…

You have my undivided attention.


Well I highly recommend it! It was very nice. Now I have to raid whatever the wife bought :grin:



Leinenkugel. It’s cheap, (relatively local), and to me tastes alright.

I’m not all that into beer. Don’t have the time or money to experiment. It’s either Leinies or PBR for me.


Leinenkugels is a pretty good beer. I especially like the dark beer they make. I still dont know how I feel about the Summer shandy they make though lol


Yeah, the summer ones are hit or miss. I remember liking one kind, but it’s been a few years and I don’t remember which one it was.

A lot of times I buy Leinenkugel because it feels like I am supporting a local company. I live about an hour from Chippewa Falls.

edit: even though they are now owned by MillerCoors, but at this point who isn’t?


My favourite drink is a White Russian :slight_smile:


I’d like tell you guys that I started drinking White Russian because of The Dude, but the truth is rather different. When I was fifteen I went to the cinema with a couple of friends of mine. After watching a movie, we went to an Irish Pub next to the cinema. There, a friend of mine browsed the cocktail card and ordered a White Russian and since I hadn’t made up my mind anyway I ordered it as well. Never stopped drinking it since this moment, awesome drink!


Spotted a bunch of these at Costco today and had to try one. Holy crap it’s amazing. Full of citrus flavors, medium mouth feel, definitely unfiltered, and not very bitter. Exactly what I like in an overhopped IPA.



Had to get anything labeled a peanut butter imperial coffee porter. Granted it’s from Ballast Point so I knew it would be good but it exceeded expectations. Heavy in the coffee, a dense roasted flavor and honestly pretty light on the peanut butter. It’s just a little shy of a stout, but I guess that’s why it’s an imperial.



Christmas beer from a local brewery, to celebrate the first of December.



New year coming closer i decided to stock up on some quality beer.

Here is one:


My favorites:

  1. Unibroue Tres Pistoles
  2. Aventinus Dopplebock
  3. Molson XXX


  1. Troegs Mad Elf
  2. Southern Tier Pumpking
  3. Southern Tier Chokolat


Almost anything but a sour - although I definitely lean towards dark beers with chocolate/coffee flavours.