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The Beer Garden: What do you drink, and why?



This topic comes up ALL of the time.

Water during the day - healthy

100 proof New Amsterdam Vodka - it gets the job done


Beer that's awesome... I like Guinness and Pilner, but I won't avoid any good drink :smiley:


My personal favorite


Guinness is my go-to, but I am a fan of just about any good stout.


My favorite beer? Free. My second favorite beer? Cold.

Ahh the life of a broke-ass college student. In all seriousness, I certainly recognize and appreciate when I'm drinking a higher quality mass production beer or a craft beer, but I can't help but love a simple PBR, Corona, or Miller. Beer that's easy to sit around and drink all afternoon long is a blessing.

Maybe I just like beer.


Great minds.


Haha, some of the finest! Great to find someone with the same world-view here on the forum.


I know what you mean, I've found myself downing PBR and Bud Light at parties. After the 10th beer who cares what it tastes like? lol


That's not what I mean though. I'd generally rather have a couple PBRs on my porch on a summer day than some craft IPA or whatever.


Yeah, I'd rather take a Modelo or Corona on a hot day, over some stout or other more expensive beer.


Need no chaser


Attempting to revive this.

What I'm drinking.tonight. An imperial IPA from a guy I know back in Jersey.


Shipyard Smashed Blueberry

I have a love/hate relationship with "fruit" beers, but this one is pretty decent. More malty than anything, there's pronounced coffee and chocolate flavors with a blueberry aroma. Hops are tame.


Wish I could remember its name, but I had a New Mexico local porter once that was as light as a lager. It tasted great. Lots of depth and a little bit of sweet; overall it was very unique. It lacked some of the bitterness that comes with porters, though it technically was one.


A local brand - Ariana...

It's standard lager, nothing special...


As this thread is also for other stuff as well, just had this and its pretty nice. Sweet and strong, somewhat similar to certain ports in that regard so I quite like it.


Drinking this tonight. A bit unlike me to drink American adjunct lager but it isn't bad and sometimes you just need to crack open a cold one... Wipes the floor with Busch, Bud and Coors IMO and $12 for a 30 pack



Anyone in here using untappd?


Little bit of a revive here.

Just had this at a Buffalo Wild Wings. It’s very dark, tastes like coffee, is 13%-14% ABV, and is delicious. And it’s made in my state, Oklahoma! Try it out, if at all possible. Very highly rated across most beer review sites.


Wow nice thread! I’m a fan of cider even though I don’t drink that much cider anymore. But I love beer, I usually stick with really strong beers even on summer, I just adore the kind of “medicine” taste you get while drinking really strong german or belgium beers.

Now that I’m moving to Madrid might as well start buying more craft beers or shit like that, I think I have a nice brewery close to where I’m moving, so I’ll update this thread as much as I can.