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The Beer Garden: What do you drink, and why?


Yes it is the easiest but my God do I hate bottling. It works though, only downside is being careful to not get all the sediment shit in the bottom.

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Haha I feel you. It is pretty tedious and can be a bit of a mess if you're a spaz like me. The sediment thing is a problem too although I didn't have too much issue with that.

I do really enjoy the rest of the process though and the final product was good. Definitely going to keep brewing and invest in some more equipment.

Having a contest with my Dad who also recently started. Trying to come up with the best brew lol



Current collection:

  • Allagash Fluxus (2016)
  • Allagash White - got half a case for free
  • Sebago Brewing Barleywine (2016) - This stuff will knock you on your ass if you're not careful.
  • Shipyard Island Time IPA - Session IPA, got it free
  • Shipyard Monkey Fist IPA - Free
  • Shipyard Smashed Blueberry - Got it at cost, so why not
  • Shipyard XXXX IPA - Double/Imperial IPA? Again, free.

The bottle with no label is a homebrew Porter I bottled a while ago. Should probably drink it soon.



I love me some cider.

IPAs are my favorite though.

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The best homebrew I've made was actually a mess of different things. I think it had three types of extract, two types of malts, three or four types of hops, and the wrong yeast. Tasted damn good though.



Translates to : "Pilgrims beer". Very tasty, but it's no IPA so I'm unsure whether it counts in this thread.

The brewery is regarded as a producer of quantity beer (because it's certainly not quality). But this is an exception. The 10 litre crate costs ~10€ (i.e. 12$) and it is really tasty.

The beer is bottom fermented (like all "Landbier" are as far as I've understood ).

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no offense it was the first thing that came to my head

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Such an awful pour... whoever did that deserves to be imprisoned for their alcohol abuse.



Funny you should say that. It was her



This beer confuses me. IS at once a good dark beer, but also tastes like blueberry.

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lol I completely forgot about this thread.

That is interesting..... not sure how I feel about it lol

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what do i drink, coors banquet, or guinness if that isnt available, why? my cousin & his dad run a craft brewery, being around them i cant enjoy a beer without having to hear them explain every little detail about the beers taste or ingredients, so its kind of a "f*** you" in a sense when i drink the mainstream. it kind of ruined craft beer overall for me since they were getting close to snobbish lol i just wanna drink and chill fam, grab a can and just have a beer, know what i mean?



Totally agree! The hipsters are everywhere! Once and a while I'll get some craft beer....but the secret is that the term 'craft' is just marketing horse shit. Beer is beer. Feel a little bit better now? I do!






Modelo is my go to beer when I just need to grab something quick.
I'm really enjoying the different Guinness brews right now, though. Specifically this case.

Bought 2 cases after finishing the first one. Good stuff.
Porters and Stouts are also one of my favorite types of beer.
But my all time favorite type of beer is "free" . Followed by "cold".

EDIT: (God, that PNG was terrible...)



I mostly enjoy IPAs because I like a beer you can taste. I enjoy a strong flavour with a bitter kick to let you know you're tasting it. It's kind of how I like my food spicy; for some it takes away from the flavour, for me it carries it.

I enjoy a classic English ale, anything from Old Speckled Hen to Hobgoblin. Great with a meal in a beer garden.

Best beer for me is Belgian. Sour cherry varieties that pack flavour (and alcohol) and require sipping rather than drinking. Which leads me onto....

Scotch! I'm a relative newcomer to this one so I can't really describe what I like from these. I have a nice Mac Spey currently which I drink with a drop of water.

Finally red wine. Red wine is real wine to me and I like it dry with oaky notes and hints of berries. Other wines taste like juice to me.



Homebrew in my kegerator. (the spelling correction thinks I want to say homeboy). I like a good IPA while out but comes off too grassy in my small batches so I stick with pale ales at home and another family friendly bohemian pilsner for the inlaws. I try to use the winter months to make a lager of some type but time is a bitch and I don't want to run a separate lagering fridge. I don't like the darker beers, I like seared meat but not seared beer...



If there's nothing decent on tap I'm living the HIGH LIFE. I used to be in a band and it was our official beer. Uninteresting fact, we found about 40 different form factors that they put that piss in. Everything from 40's to splits. Longnecks are nice but the angled bottle tops we called carrots.



Pale ales generally, different brands.
I generally drink them because its something different, lager and cider are good in the summer but something about a pale ale that nice, more so when its been a hard day at work.