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The AMDGPU Info/News Thread



my current card is a 480. my internet connection is gargabe though. i dont feel like waiting days to dl it.


Installed xubuntu recently, 17.04, want that kernel, but when I install amdgpu-pro I get this error.

Then on reboot I get a black screen. ADVANCEMENT FROM PREVIOUS ATTEMPTS I can get tty.

So just use 16.10 since it doesn't like my kernel headers?


PRO is made for the 4.4 kernel...16.10 might not work either. Since you are in the 4.10 kernel why not just use the open drivers with the MESA extensions? Ubuntu even has a semi official ppa now :


I second this. Especially considering how good mesa has become


Im going third on this.

Had similar issues with the drivers on Fedora, went into tty but didnt got it fixed.

Run the MESA until 4.11/.12 when everything "could" be great for all of us.


480 on Mesa. Love it.


Is it bad to admit I didn't know mesa could operate as its own stack lol.


How would I go about installing the mesa drivers? Never looked at it, mostly have watched amdgpu. Is it compatible with my 370 and future 470? Will it run better than the open radeon drivers amd by how much?


You can install them via packagemanager. They should be in the distro repos.

sudo apt-get install mesa
(ubuntu and derivates)
sudo dnf install mesa

When you install mesa depending on what package manager you run it will (maybe) show you what depencies you need for mesa.

370 & 470 are supported, no problems.

How much better they will run? Well, i can't game with my 480 but Freesync works and that's very neat.


[email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get install mesa-
mesa-common-dev                    mesa-common-dev-lts-xenial         mesa-va-drivers                    mesa-vdpau-drivers-lts-vivid       mesa-vdpau-drivers-lts-xenial
mesa-common-dev-lts-utopic         mesa-opencl-icd                    mesa-vdpau-drivers                 mesa-vdpau-drivers-lts-vivid-dbg   mesa-vulkan-drivers
mesa-common-dev-lts-vivid          mesa-utils                         mesa-vdpau-drivers-lts-utopic      mesa-vdpau-drivers-lts-wily        
mesa-common-dev-lts-wily           mesa-utils-extra                   mesa-vdpau-drivers-lts-utopic-dbg  mesa-vdpau-drivers-lts-wily-dbg

thats whats in the standard repos in elementary os 0.4 (ubuntu derivate)

if you dont really care

sudo apt-get install mesa-*

the * at the end means that apt-get will install ALL the mesa things.


If you are at an ubuntu-based distro just add the ppa that i posted and do a upgrade. and thats it...No need to make it more complicated...

MESA has comparable performance to PRO, sometimes even better and improves faster than the PRO. I am using it with a 470 and the 4.9 kernel (on Mint so basically 16.04) and i am pretty satisfied. The 4.10 has a small issue with gaming performance (that is why i am using 4.9) but from what i hear 4.12 will fix that.


I'm on xubuntu 17.04 so 4.10.... Can't be tjat bad though.


You can always test it. In TW:Warhammer for me the difference was significant. Lost 20 FPS on high. But it is also heavily dependent on the game. Some might not be affected. And 4.12 is right around the corner and should not matter any more.


Oh pfff 20FPS doesn't matter in the games I play. 130? 130 would matter.


Alright amdgpu-pro has officially been released:


Anyone here having problems with amdgpu-pro 17.10 causing GPU artifact performance is there but horribles artifacts.
Here a screenshot on my linux installation.


Any reason people are using the AMDGPUPRO driver over the AMDGPU/Mesa FOSS driver ? The FOSS driver is smoother, often faster now too. Are you using openCL ?


For me was because it I hear it performance was stronger and now thanks to the arch wiki i seem to have fix my problem i had with the driver causing artifact.


Is there any news out recently that shows the 370 has AMDGPU support? Mesa kinda just fucked my radeonsi performance.

I want to set this up today because I know I can get better performance than this.

Ok no it is supported according to the gentoo wiki. Now how the fuck do I use it in ubuntu ;s; all the ubu docs are super incompetent LOL


I'm convinced theres no competent ubu documenters and the Arch page hasn't been updated since mid-last year.


Which GCN is the 370?