The AMDGPU Info/News Thread

Edit: As of now (April 1 2017)

I won't be adding anything else to the thread. I kept up management as the driver originally developed however there isn't much more news to come out about how performance will increase or XYZABC things that may happen. IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING YOU WANT ADDED TO THE THREAD please message me and I will add it to the header post here towards the top. Any forwarding news to come out, as far as I can see, has to do with compatibility with hardware. Farther down the line there may be a major breakthrough, such as the windows driver being a massive shit or guides to make the driver better, but I won't be digging it up any more so don't expect updates on the header. If you check this specific post for your news, go to phoronix or linux IRC channels to see what is up, or, the latest posts at the bottom.



With the new Ryzen chips out, I would appreciate some notes on the over all linux performance for future posts like this. If you have ryzen and an RX card or multiple RX cards then some notes of over all performance would be well appreciated.


Tacking on to the edit that was added below, 4.10 is in release state right now. For the most part, additions to the driver should be relatively minor, but there is supposed to be some hooks that are fixed that don't connect one SOME systems. Example being like my old phenom 2 machine. The next update should have a lot of bugs with the GCN 1 cards patched out as well, so those with a 250X, 270X, 370, 275, and 375, as well as mobile 7770, M275X, and M370X, should see performance gains. Not magnanimous, but between 5% and 15%. This comes off of IRC dev talk on freenode. is out now so all GPU's should have AMDGPU support now, thank fuck. If you have problems with it ask here or in the small linux problems thread. Thanks.

If you have recently been getting "Invalid ROM Contents" and associated messages....


Rather than having 800 threads pop up in the next few months and annoy everyone with the same 2 questions, I'm taking the initiative to have one single thread. Then all the info can be in one place and hopefully we don't have to dig into the VERY BROKEN SEARCH (gaben plz) to find one thread.

Anything AMDGPU? Please put it here.

If you are new to linux, as many here are, and do not know what AMDGPU is, or AMDGPU-PRO, it is a driver for AMD cards that is meant to replace FGLRX, also known as Catalyst Control Center (you can argue the latest FGLRX available is the crimson driver, I'm not convinced), and be a better driver in linux with native support / better support for OpenGL, CL, Vulkan, and other tools. As it stands, 290 / 390, 2/380/85/X, and the fury cards are garunteed to work. Though as it seems, it varies between cards no matter what (from what I have personally seen).


These are the CURRENT supported cards (kernel 4.7) for AMDGPU-PRO


GCN 1.0 is going to be added by kernel 4.9 according to a recent press release.

Here are some articles pertaining to AMDGPU and recent events:


Newer articles will be filed in here from different sites.

General Kernel News:


Somehow I think videos might also help some people find some bugs or compare what they should be getting. Visual resources.

This is from may

If any new videos pop up from people like AdoredTV who talk about this stuff and they talk about linux drivers please message them to me.

There are some users here that use AMDGPU as their daily, but I personally have to use FGLRX as I have a 370. Please don't ask me questions as I will just be able to find articles for you ^^; It seems that at the moment anything higher than a 370 or 270X has support, weather variant (it can be rough). If you have a low low end card (HD series, 250X, 260X) expect spotty performance or just no support any time soon if ever. As a 370 is basically a refresh on the 270X both cards can expect support soon.

All other information on AMDGPU can be taken from this Archwiki page if you need to know how to install it, how it works, or current troubleshooting methods.

I use the archwiki for every distro. If you don't know how to swap info between distros yet, please ask here OR on IRC.


Here is a Linux Gaming News thread.

Again, this thread is here as many changes are to start coming soon, I believe, and progress will be made now as the RX 480 is out and other cards are starting to be announced / released.

And please for the love of GOD, I do not care, nor does anyone else, about how great you nvidipenis is. If fights like this happen, please start another thread or go to PM's. Derailing will not be acceptable here.

Edit: Also just thought of this: Anyone with info on Wine and how well games work VIA wine with AMDGPU please post here too! It would be very very helpful.


Anybody have any success installing AMDGPU-PRO drivers on Manjaro? I've gotten "close:"

:: amdgpu-pro-graphics and mhwd are in conflict (libgl). Remove mhwd? [y/N] y
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: lib32-mesa: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'mhwd'
:: mhwd-tui: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'mhwd'
$ sudo pacman -R mhwd
checking dependencies...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: cairo: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'libgl'
:: compton: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'libgl'
:: freeglut: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'libgl'
:: glu: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'libgl'
:: lib32-cairo: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'lib32-libgl'
:: lib32-mesa: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'mhwd'
:: lib32-pango: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'lib32-libgl'
:: lib32-sdl2: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'lib32-libgl'
:: libva: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'libgl'
:: mesa-demos: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'libgl'
:: mhwd-tui: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'mhwd'
:: mpv: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'libgl'
:: sdl2: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'libgl'
:: steam-manjaro: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'lib32-libgl'
:: webkitgtk: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'libgl'
:: xorg-server: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'libgl'
:: xorg-xdriinfo: removing mhwd breaks dependency 'libgl'

I'm not sure if I'm that dedicated to trying something that might not even work...

I have the AMDGPU drivers working fine on my R9 390 though, so there's that.

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I was able to install it just fine on arch but arch doesnt have mhwd by default

I'm gonna take a look at that new 480 driver when I get home from work

Does anyone know anything about amdgpu on freebsd? I installed freebsd yesterday and my fury x was fucking unusable as there seems to be absolutely no driver for it on any bsd. And dont get me started on the wiki: the doesnt seem to know anything about (in fact it doesnt even nouveau either). Also I'm guessing theres absolutely no way to run linux modules on bsd. How unfortunate, I like it so far

When I install the AMDGPU-PRO driver using this guide:
I reboot and get to the login screen just fine, but after I login all I see is my cursor and a black screen.

I have the R9 380 (with Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon), which is listed on the supported graphics cards list. Maybe adding myself to the group "video" before rebooting would fix it?

I really don't want to have to wait until AMD rolls out stable AMDGPU-PRO drivers that will only be included when Canonical feels it's time to add it to stable Ubuntu.

I have been trying to go full Linux for the past 7 years (no joke) and gaming/gpu performance has been the only thing that has been holding me back.

Here is my Xorg log file:

Did you install the AMDGPU package before installing the pro package? AMDGPU-pro requires the open source driver too.

I believe Ubuntu 16.04, which Linux Mint 18 is based off of, already has AMDGPU pre-installed.

Using AMDGPU driver's with my 380X. The only game I've been able to try out is Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Game is playable with everything cranked at 1080p, but there are a lot of graphical glitches. Orcs are visible from a distance but up close there models aren't visible. I can't see the ground or Caragors at all. When I say ground I mean the lowest plane, every other surface thats above that plane is still visible.

On my installs of 16.04 it had gallium. So I would check to make sure, and hell, if it isn't working (which it should be for you) go ahead and try install it again.

You're going to want to install the AMDGPU-pro package. I don't believe it's in any repositories yet. AMD has a web page for download and install instructions.

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I got it working. It seems to be a problem with Cinnamon, Gnome 3 and a lack of support from the Linux Mint side of things. I did a fresh install of Linux Mint 18 MATE (based on Gnome 2) and everything is working as it should.

Performance with this driver isn't as good as I had hoped, however. Can't wait for AMD to finally catch up with Nvidia and hopefully surpass them in terms of Linux driver support.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets an average of 120 frames on medium settings in 1024x768 (not the greatest) and Eurotruck Simulator 2 is running at a measly 20-25 frames with frequent stutters on High settings.

Hopefully in the near future comes an end to the era of running everything in low settings while gaming in Linux.


I believe AMD makes a note in the AMDGPU-PRO page that its not compatible with Gnome 3, not sure why.

The same is shown in the details of my Fedora install "Gallium 0.4 on AMD TONGA" for an R9 380. The amdgpu driver is part of the kernel. To check that amdgpu is loaded I put:
lsmod | grep amdgpu
I'm sure there is an easier way but more verbose.

I haven't tried installing amdgpu-pro on my main "stable" system. The only issues I've had with the open source drivers are what @FlameSilver said with Shadow of Mordor and also Alien: Isolation with the textures. These games were fine under the Catalyst Drivers on Ubuntu Gnome.

I think its an issue with the Mesa libs. Haven't tried much yet.

How do you install AMDGPU-PRO on distros other than .deb based? All the files from their website are .deb packages.

it is a work in progress. The last patch was committed at UTC 00:17:57 July 12. updates can be found here

I thought this was a thread about AMD gpus at first and Q&A wondering why it was in the Linux section.

Pro drivers did fix my issue. SoM looks so good with everything cranked, my laptop didn't do it justice xD

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I'm still waiting for 370 support ;~~~;

I take that back. Games are running really well with AMDGPU-PRO driver in Xubuntu. Very pleased with the performance. AMD really has done their work!

I think you cant even get it on most non-deb distros. I know you can get on arch through the aur and I can imagine theres probably a way to get it on gentoo but I dont think its possible to get on any other distro (I mean you probably could but it would be a huge pain in the ass

I'm wondering something. Has anyone updated their 16.04 kernel from the Ubuntu Mainline PPA?

I don't know how many driver backports are ported into the release kernel so it might be worth it to try a newer kernel from there. If you want to download, just go to the very bottom of the list and pick the latest stable kernel.

Then download these files (God that naming is stupid):


Then put them in a new directory and open a terminal and cd to that directory. Then run these commands:

sudo apt install build-essential dkms
sudo systemctl enable dkms && sudo systemctl start dkms
sudo dpkg -i linux-*.deb

Then restart and see if there are any improvements or if it works at all! I don't have a compatible hardware myself to try this on.