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The AMDGPU Info/News Thread



01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Curacao XT / Trinidad XT [Radeon R7 370 / R9 270X/370X] [1002:6810]

Let me look it up. Its one of the strands that was weird like the 250X.


It a first gen GCN 1 card he might be able to do what I did which was black list redeon driver and then ubuntu should be using amdgpu.


According to the gentoo wiki, with that output as my indicator, its supported as of 4.10, which I have.

@Eden well it says on the box GCN Next Gen so probably 1 or 1.1 lol

Yeah its 1.0 according to wikipedia. Its a pitcairn.


So I'm guessing I can just follow whats on the archwiki then?


Yeah that what I did for my system it work for me should work for you as well it probably your best bet.


Amdgpu support for that is all in the kernel on an experimental switch. It'll only change with kernel releases. Ubuntu has it on by default bits it's experimental for a reason so no guarantee of stability


Again, 4.10, should be fine I think....


I enabled it on a system with a GCN 1.0 card, and it has always worked without issues. I'd certainly try it, but a lot depends on the mobo also. I have it in an all-AMD system, and that is probably an ideal combination, but as I said, it never showed the slighest trace of a problem.


I have a lenovo TS140 mobo, so a Foxconn 3100 series, with a Xeon E3-1225V3.


fyi, if your using AMD and an Intel iGPU and haven't disabled the iGPU and want to use wayland in GNOME. You currently need to set i915.modeset=0 in your kernel boot parameters.


iGPU is off. Don't even wanna deal with that shit.


PRO 17.10 vs MESA 17.1


Ooooh, look at how the Open Driver beats the proprietary one in OpenGL. Vulkan is next!


Although I would really like full OpenCL support in Mesa for AMDGPU.


Yeah, thats something they still need to work on. Although, if you're on arch, you can get the opencl package from amdgpu-pro as a separate package. Though I haven't tested it yet


Yeah I tried that but had some issues. Didn't really feel like trying very hard though lol. I'm not running an Arch machine for anything else than 3D printing for the moment. I need to get back into Arch a bit, just have to set priorities, not everything is always possible schedule wise.


Yes, I would really like full OpenCL too. A while ago I tried the opencl packages that were available, but never could get something like [email protected] to work. I think they are specifically looking for the proprietary driver though. I've gotten some opencl stuff to work, some example code would run and clinfo etc did display support.

I don't run linux much on my main rig as my Powercolor GPU tends to hard lock Linux. Firmware related it seems like, only way to get around it seems to be to unplug it.


How has an intel iGPU and AMD card using amdgpu? I know this affects RX 480 and most cards using amdgpu. I think is also affects any cards that are capable of using wayland

Can you check this, test and comment/provide details on the bug reports if your also affected? @wendell @dot404


Does anyone knows how to make sclk ramp up faster and stay at higher freq. is there like scheduler for gpu clocks or some settings for PowerPlay where i can set how it behaves.
Reason = core clock doesnt go too far ~1100 MHz and then go back to ~400 MHz while playing cs go, and when it's high am getting good fps but when it drops for no reason i get stuck at 40-50 fps .... doesn't matter which graph settings i use ingame.

Fedora 25 AMD GPU drivers
Amd hd 7950 vs Ubuntu 16.04

Sorry @sinisa94, I dont know a lot about reclocking in amdgpu. Although an incosistent clockspeed might be the reason for my inconsistent framerate in borderlands (resulting in a really shitty experience). Is there a way to display the current clockspeed?

On another note, there is a new stable release of TrueOS, so I am going to see if amdgpu finally works for me