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The AMDGPU Info/News Thread



I didn't know the open drivers had made so much progress, maybe i'll wait to see what amd will release instead of getting the 1080ti. I always wanted to use open drivers but it never worked well for me.


Polaris cards work really well in almost all native games now.

Vega cards might not come with support from release, its dependent on a chunk of code currently in development that looks like it might land in Linux 4.12.

But generally with the current gen cards (and last gen with a tweak) you dont need binary blobs anymore.


does wayland composite games? i hope it doesn't


On Fedora which "has" Wayland its not using it properly. As far as i can tell xorg is still the workhorse with some Xwayland attached to it.

In all fairness the Polaris Cards do work but not nearly as powerful as they could. but we will have to wait for 4.12 to see what will happen.


That is true. I dont have the benchmarks handy but I did run Heaven and Valley on Fedora 25 and Windows 10 with the same setting and it is a lot slower. However I can play my linux games at acceptable performance. I have seen AMDGPU getting better and better month over month.
Is was not that long ago tessellation did not work in the Heaven benchmark.


I use rocket league as my baseline because it runs straight in steam under Linux and win10 is no prob 75FPS 24/7 Fedora25 20-30FPS on an RX480.

both under Ubuntu and Fedora. Can't wait for 4.12... can't come soon enough.


4.10 had issues with gaming performance compared to 4.9. Anyone knows if these are fixed on 4.11?


mad max has a vulkan beta build (only on Linux), anyone tired it on AMD?


I thinking of getting a Rx460 for my new build which is based on Intel core i5 7500. I was wondering if this will be a good option. I will be running linux for all my activities (Programming, light gaming). Nvidia cards looks trouble free as per most of the reviews online. And some of the steam games like Grid Autosport and Dirt 3 does not support AMD cards on linux. Any input on this topic is much appriciated.


If you plan to get any rx460, buy at least nitro (with 6pin connector) it can be slightly overclocked ~10-20% unlike mine (has no external power connector :frowning: ) also 1050ti seems like good choice too.


if you want to do some light gamimg and use gnu/linux i would go amd because of the drivers. nvidia drivers are really not so good in terms of SELinux and such. There is a thread

Maybe do wait for Kernel 4.12 and Vega cards, then the RX Series will get cheaper and maybe you can get a better card for the same price?


Get a 470 the prices will be dropping soon.


New edit in the first post.


You know the vega code just dropped :stuck_out_tongue:
But good work on keeping this up to date.


I know it did but I am really tired of updating this, dropped it at 4.9.3, I think I'm done. If shit needs to be added people can just PM me.


You could make it a wiki page if you wanted


What was the wiki site / do we even use the site?


Well, you can make your post a wiki (not sure if you have the rights, click the wrench and there should be a wiki option.)


What in total does that do?

I did that BTW.


Means anyone can edit it. the other wiki still runs but likely seeing if we can get something onsite, and move info over.