Linux + Nvidia Security Discussion

X11 is stable and has a mature code base, and works just fine

can you cite an exploit that specifically utilizes the nvidia binary?

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  • X11 has been holding back linux, because of the huge amount of resources required to just keep adapting it and keep it stable and functional. It is not of this time any more. How would linux ever break through in the consumer desktop market if it had hung on to X11? With XFCE and LXDE als flagship desktop environments? Come on, man...

  • I did, it disables AppArmor/SELinux systemwide when installed. If a specific piece of malware did that, the whole open source world would be sharpening pitchforks, but for nVidia it's OK? Look, a software that - without proper documentation - disables the main security systems of your computer on install, is malware, is an exploit, is a major problem, how ever you look at it.


exactly. X11 isn't holding anything back. The questionably competent devs of wayland and surrounding software are. You build to a spec if you want things to work, not slap things together and then use duct tape to fix things later

KDE/Plasma works fine with X, and it is the most compelling argument for desktop adoption coming from windows systems.

Also, that isn't an exploit. Find a single practical example in production.

I don't get your problem, you like nVidia proprietary drivers and you hate wayland, then you should have no problems, because when you use nVidia proprietary drivers, you're always on X11 because wayland can't work on a system with nVidia proprietary drivers.

Let the other users evolve, you have what you want, other users have what they want, open source provides.


Thought so. You can't find one.

I didn't say I hated it, and I'm fine with people using it, I just don't think it's necessary by any stretch of the imagination.

You're the one that got on a soap box and novelized my preferences.

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You're doing that thing again, mr tkoham...

yes, permanently disabling a MAC/RBAC system wide is a serious security issue, don't sell bullshit. The proprietary nVidia driver is a port of the Windows driver, and just last week, a number of exploits through the nVidia driver for windows were documented, and no, you can't see the code, so open source devs can't and won't do anything about it, they don't go looking for exploits on it, unless nVidia would pay them, which they don't. So there you are. Bottom line: running nVidia proprietary drivers in linux is irresponsible from a security point of view, it's undebatable because overwhelmingly evident. Intel and AMD have both moved away from non-KMS drivers, not just to be fancy...

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find one example in production for linux then, if it's so overwhelmingly evident.

should be super easy.

I'm not the one selling bullshit lmao

I'll have to wait until my next PC build to fix that security issue :P (hopefully Vega isn't too far away)

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You're acting irrationally in search of a sparring partner again, you're not adding to the discussion.

You're going to continue to cultivate your rage, someone smarter than you is going to pick up on it to get you really going, and then someone is going to flag it, forceing mod action, and discussions in PM will follow, and the shit is going to hit the fan.

My recommendation: take a deep breath, think of why disabling a main security system is obviously a security problem, if you have come up with a reason why it isn't in 24 hours, then post it after those 24 hours have passed.


Like I said, find me an example where it was a problem in production. Do it. Should be simple.


im not mad, I just want you to show me some real world linux security breaches caused by nvidia.

If you can't, your argument is meaningless and masturbatory

Is this enough?
took me 5 seconds in google. and it's official from nvidia too.


We're talking about the linux driver. We all know windows isn't exactly a tight ship


There ya go, it was the first one that popped up. Was also fixed in December.

This wouldn't have been the vector it turned out to be if SELinux weren't disabled.

Read the post mr tkoham, it is about the WHQL driver AND the nVidia Display Driver for Linux...

dude, you couldn't be bothered to read the word "linux" in the full title?? why should we keep wasting our time trying to explain things to you?

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These are fixed bugs, not production examples.


i'm out


I asked for a data breach, not a bugfix.