TerraMaster TD2 Giveaway - what would you do?

I’m giving this away.

Would you like to get a Thunderbolt3 RAID Storage with speeds up to 40Gbps?

What would you like to do with it?

Leave your answer and win the value of $330 TerraMaster TD2 Thunderbolt3 plus”


Media Storage (My movies) :slight_smile:

No clue, never had my own NAS. Edit: I am confused now. Why does it have a LAN port?

Likely use an excuse to buy a network switch.

I need “local” storage for my proxmox server, I would use it for that.

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Plex server, move things off my collection of external drives.

I have a DS211 I’m currently using as a dedicated Time Machine backup.

However, one of its bays is broken, so I only have 1 HDD there.

I’d use this to replace the 211 and add another HDD for redundancy and peace of mind.

Finally Set up a Proper 3-2-1 Back up system for all my important documents

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So much hentai.


This is how it fucking starts.

The 2-bay NAS is a pathway to many home networks some consider to be…unnatural.


Learn how to use one.

Fixing my tech gore setup of local storage that at this point I keep just to mess with my coworkers.

Hint: It involves 9 drives setup on one machine, but not in a RAID array.

I’d probably use it to get more into experimenting with SDR stuff. Pair that with an inverter, load up in my car with my macbook, save bulk I/Q samples for later sifting/processing. It’s not the kind of thing where I’m really limited as it is by not having high-capacity storage I can throw in a bag, but sometimes a new shiny can be the kind of thing that gives you a push.

(What I am limited by is not being able to receive shit in my workspace at home–I live in a basement suite which sucks for reception. The HV power lines right behind my house kinda let out playing with any kind of HF reception too. Not that I can work that spectrum right now anyway, I’d need to get an upconverter for my existing SDR.)

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Not a nas – direct attached but does raid, which is cool!


What is the LAN port for then? :thinking:

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For allowing the internet to encrypt your data for you.


Travel Backup Enclosure, Throw a pair of 16TB drives in there and you have a portable backup device that you can take offsite.

I’m actually in progress of sourcing a portable ITX build with the X570 Asrock ITX TB3 mobo.

The computer has to travel with me on planes so it will be extra extra small. I won’t be able to use my 2x5TB Drives or any reasonable storage so I was going to use a TB3 dock/storage solution. This thing even comes with a handle. Amazing!
Is it noisy?

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Backup my desktop

This, %100

Not sure if I would go all the way to 16tb, but either way, it would be nice to have two drives in a single portable package.

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storage for a raspberry pi