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Store is now open!



Just bought these :D

Cant wait to wear them. Thanks @wendell @kreestuh @pgpryan you guys rock, happy to support.

However i'm mildly dissapointed the store doesn't sell pants under the name of epicshirts


I want the hoodie but I want it to also have the "Level1Techs" on the back.

Here's hoping it does.


Woot, order confirmed


Nice, just picked up the graphite/grey hoodie and t-shirt.


I'm also curious about this. Will that be possible in the future?


Any chance of mouse mats? Those were nice, imo.
Also, any chance of 'design of the month' type of sales/design contests? Those were really cool too, also imo. I liked the unique designs that came in each month- but I understand such things can be costly, or take time.
Looking forward to buying things soon/contributing to the patreon now that I have a new job.


Not sure yet, we will have to see how the merch sells before we do a tee design each month. I have a few different ideas lined up but they haven't been printed yet.

Also @zai : we likely won't be hosting any official contests to design tees for us. We may contact individual artists to do work with us in the future though. :)


I'd love to buy some merch, but the shipping costs to the UK are extremely overpriced :(


My dog thinks the new hoodies are very comfy.


Yeah! I'm holding out for mugs, glasses, deskmats and/or backpacks! Or a L1T mouse!!!


or... keyboards! i'd buy that!


@kreestuh any news on when shirts will be avalible?


Its really unlikely we'd do a mouse unless I can get a patent or other ip protection on some aspect of it ;)


how about you do special lv2 versions for the super leet people :D

it would appeal to certain people's mindset I think..


yea. after what happened to the ts mouse that would be something todo but dont make it limited edition. that bothered me so much with the TS mouse


I understand... just a thought! The store is more of a support for the content... we get that ! It's the content that's really the center of it! No pressures...


Mouse mats when ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

My current one is so worn that the rubber has started disintegrating into this gunky black stuff that sticks it to my table, no joke.

It doesn't move much at least...


Hes actually dreaming of whats in the gun case.


I just got my stuff too :D

yes that's a gundam model kit in the background


Hey me three!