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You also have Gundam stuff in the background lmao



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Somebody already made a thread about shirt designs here:

@Wendell outlined their stance on shirt designs here:

Also this:

And @kreestuh weights in her thoughts:


Thanks for the link. I thought I saw that thread before but I couldn't find it when I searched for it, before I posted here. I knew someone would direct me to the right place.

I commend their position on creative rights, and understand about wasting time on spec work. The flip side of that as a creative person is...

  1. I had a design idea flash in my minds eye >

  2. I had to record it before I forgot >

  3. I have been burned by spec work before so in these cases, I don't waste too much time doing a fully detailed print ready artwork. I do just barely enough to convey the concept via a low-res comp and force myself to stop there. If a done-on-spec sketch gets picked up, the client has to pay in order for me to move from sketch to production ready art files. But the truth is I Love to create, whether I get paid or not. You can't stop me (but please don't ban me), Nyah Nyah na Nyah Nyah :-p >

  4. I share the concept Art publicly to make people happy. I know most designs by me or others won't get produced, but other members enjoy seeing the creativity. It can also serve as a gauge as to whether a design is worth pursuing further. Or if the idea I thought was cool, happens to be lame and I can't tell because I am too close to it.

Sorry for posting in the wrong thread, but I was kinda trying to ask is there a right thread? I will try to keep my coloring within the lines in the future.


I say keep going for it if you like doing it. If you happen to color outside the lines? Guess it just means you get to make your own lines :)

After all, there are people like me out there who have so little experience they are less than amateurs, but they'll still make something anyways just for shits and giggles. If nothing comes of it, cool. If it's used as a base for somebody else, cool. If it's used as-is, cool. I did do just for shits and giggles and all.



Shipping price to EU is 60+ $. :( Damn wanted to get new mousemat and some hodies.


Well since this has been shamelessly necro'd I'd like to add that I wasn't a fan of any of the deskmats and I really need a new one to replace....the one I have now.


Please all i want is a long sleve shirt almost no store from any channel has one are they so rare to find or uncommon?
if level1tech has a long sleve shirt then I'm totally buying.


Any idea what you are looking for in a deskmat?


I'm not the creative type sadly, but I do like the black minimalistic style of the old TS burning earth logo. I didn't like the other ones because the keyboard covers up the hdd diagram, and the other one was busy. The PGP one was good and really well done but I can't appreciate it as I didn't get to see the streams involved for that endeavor.

Maybe an exploded diagram of something neat located at the mouse area? I dunno. I'll see if i can think of something.


Please look into minimizing shipping costs to outside of US... I wanted to buy desk mat here in Germany but the shipping cost are greater than product price... all the best guys <3


I'm not sure if they have a whole lot they can do for shipping costs. Shipping one 500g package from the United States to Germany is at least US$20 through USPS, and that's with no tracking or insurance or anything. UPS and Fedex are typically more expensive in shipping costs and it isn't uncommon for them to add fees on top.


Zoltan is in Europe, right? Send him a bunch of stuff in bulk, then he could be in charge of shipping to his fellow Europeans.

But then l1t would have to spend more money for insurance and customs, right?

I have never dealt with customs and foreign shipping.


Can we get a spin off of the "your OS sucks" and just make it "your distro sucks" @wendell @kreestuh

New Merch! Linux tees and deskmats! | Level One Techs



If I was the first one to utter that I think I'm safe to just do a version of that myself


Not sure if you said it, but this was more due to some rather colorful threads in the past and present regarding distro's. And it sums up a lot of linux infighting XD

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