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Hmm, possibly. You'll probably notice we're being a little conservative with colors and options just yet, as we are trying to see how things sell before committing to alot of different things. I can talk to John about it in the future though. :)

Also am working on some illustrations for future tees. :D


Yeah, It only been up for two hours... HA. Thats cool though thanks, I know orders have to be done in chunks. I will likely be getting that t-shirt any way.


Edit: nevermind I found the garment info page here

@kreestuh , any indication of the wieght of one medium shirt?

As an international student, I'd need to take this into my budgeting...


I like very much the T-shirts and sweatshirts, but unfortunately I won't be buying any, because as usual the international shipping costs are too high :( .


RIP wallet.


My suggestion:

Due to clothing restrictions where I work, I cannot wear anything with a hood (safety reasons blah blah). Please make some sweatshirts or those hoodiless jackets like what Northface has. Would buy in a heartbeat.


Damn those t-shirts are super clean and something I would actually wear.


I already have a surplus of hoodies and Tshirts :/


Will be purchasing a polo soon. Shipping still seems high although better than what Epic Pants was charging.

I know we don't wanna have all that old stuff as well, but any chance of coffee mugs or beer paraphernalia?


Shipping should be the exact same as Epic Pants because it's being produced and shipped from the same place as Epic Pants.


Hmmm..... That is is, My mistake.

Still high then


not much for clothing items, maybe mugs or flasks or... well, something like that, will we be seeing merch like this in the future?


Yeah, it's pretty expensive. I was pretty miffed getting charged $10 for shipping for two t-shirts and having everything arrive in one of those $6.45 flat rate envelopes.


The Lexington Jigger makes sense considering their location...


Yeah the shipping honestly stopped me buying a lot of stuff from EP.

@Adobe_Flash_Player That it does. I have a TS/RZW one but would be nice to have another. Really is a nice little shot glass.


I had order 00004 who had 00001? Just curious.


will you be taking community submissions for possible Hoodies/Tees?


Do the the Hoodies have the design in the back like the tire shirts ?


What, no underwear?