Store is now open!

Hello all,

Several of you have been sending us messages and tweets about getting a store up and running; and now we're finally ready! We are launching our store with some basic tees and hoodies to keep you warm this holiday. (Additional artwork coming soon™).

We will be working with Wendell's previous printer to create items and manage our store. Some of you may be familiar with his work and will know it's very good quality. We hope you like everything as well as we do! Thank you for your continued support.

You can visit the store at


Need for hoodie intensifies


I'm going to have to call the authorities for you forcing me to give up all my money.


Checks bank account

looks at store


I have an irrational loathing of elastic cuffs, so no hoodie for me at the moment :(

hell yeah!

Just picked up two shirts.

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Some hoodies come without out them!?

Thanks @kreestuh

I'm wearing one without elastic cuffs. I mean it still has cuffs, but they don't cling like elastic cuffs do.

Although I've only really seen non-elastic cuff hoodies from brands like Under Armor and Nike.

Ah yes, I have seen those around campus. I thought you had known some wizard that made them or something.

Sadly I only know a few wizards, and none of them are clothing wizards.



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Yes, so awesome, thank you for getting it open @kreestuh and @wendell! I will hopefully be getting the black hoodie with the grey logo for Christmas/Birthday, but super excited! Do you guys have any future plans to have other accessories, and/or cups/mugs/glasses? Thanks again!!

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Awesome. Going to buy some christmas presents for myself for sure :D

Looks like you guys went with the same hoodies that epicpants uses. Has anyone else found them to be a bit oversized?


Maybe a little But I ordered XL deliberately to be big, slum wear style.

@kreestuh Is there any chance of say getting the grey zipper hoodie but with the Purple/Blue logo from this shirt, I like those colours the most but they are only on the shirt, I would love them on this zipper hoodie.

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I'm less than a week from moving house, and with the high shipping costs to Europe, I may have to wait a while until I can afford merchy merch. I look forward to said day!

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I'd also like to request this graphite zip hoodie with the basic "L1" logo (without the "techs") :D

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Yes this is also an upside of the purple logo one, no techs on it.