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I know I said I would stay out of these threads rest assured I am not here to make any noise. I do however have slightly unbelievable news.

A $27,000, apparently not a typo, game pack with everything (edit for clarity: including 117 ships) and a few more but other will be able to confirm if they are actually unique of just unlocked by this. The actual page 404s for me, but apparently you also cannot you need to have spent $1000 on the game to even view it so that my be my problem with viewing. The article has a full list of contents, I would post them but it is very long.


its almost the same as the 10k package just with more ships, and a bigger price tag. do i see any normal people getting it ? not a chance this is for rich people to just hit the easy button and start a mega corp.


people spend hundreds on candy crush. people need to stop bitching about this. played it last weekend it was pretty good.


Only if you bought ram before the shortage. :sob:


so we can assume you will not be purchasing this?


Definitely not getting a cent from me before it is actually released. If it comes out all good and playable of reasonable hardware I might jump in.


Righto, just checking.



At least its not going the Half-Life 3 route.

Apparently, the path to success is paved with the corpses of bank accounts.


Well I do see a valid case for Sandi being the most successful crowd fund raiser for a game ever, but I wish they’d worry a little less about the polish, and more about getting the game to beta/ retail.
Then add more ships/environments/ extras later


I’ll have to give this ocs a try

mfw this is under 6 month necro rule :thinking:


Well played.

I have been meaning to give this a try with Proton to see if I can finally get past the launcher.


btw, seems they have a free weekend thing going on at the moment.


I’m downloading it now to have a look. Still not convinced they’ll ever release a finished base game :smile:


if you need help getting to hurston or playing in general hit me up


Interesting bug, apparently i needed to login via edge for the launcher to let me login…


It shouldn’t matter what browser you use unless they are doing something special for the people creating accounts for the free-fly event. I’m away for the holidays so I haven’t had a chance to check out 3.3.6 yet.


Looks like its a bug, there was a solution reported on their site. no idea why it did that.


Is this more akin to Eve, No Man’s Sky, or something else entirely?


From the tiny bit ive played… its more like elite but you can walk around as well, and there some fps component to it too.

(smaller universe though)