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Making this in the style of my 3d printing general thread, continuing news updates and can ask questions here. This is not a lounge.

Lets see how this goes
Going to ignore any bs, not even worth my time to report.

[Current Live Version] 3.0.1

Youtube channels I follow


what you can expect from squadron 42

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So when is the beta coming out ? 2020 ? 2030 ?


space things are mostly beta worthy and squadron combat is mostly solid just need maps and a AI and its beta worthy. so as a whole single player is almost upon us, persistent universe MMO side going to be a while servers need to be mini supercomputers from what i am seeing and this game is a beast its size will grow as it gets older.

The game itself is almost done. All which is left is polish, more ships and tech for planet and city generation. If you can get past the low performance, you can play the game now and it’s pretty fun.


I’d give it 70% overall

Still have to add a large amount of gameplay mechanics but with the 2018 roadmap that looks like it will be wrapped up this year as far as major things go.

Ship design at this point is down to a science.

Planetside gameplay is good to go minus more ground vehicles like the Nova.

Exciting, can’t wait to check it out when it hits 1.0.

Same here

I think this is one worth me waiting for

dont really want to try it until its ready

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The Vertical slice was amazing. I’m really looking forward to it.

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The alpha 3.3 release is what I’m looking forward to. Object container streaming will be big deal to improve performance in the persistent universe and the Hammerhead is targeted to be flight ready in that release. It’s still got a long way to go though. Bugs upon bugs and I think the mobi glass functionality still needs a lot of work.

ive given it a go a few times here and there but its mostly to see how far it has progressed. ( got game for free) with the dev time and budget this game has been one of the largest video game productions in history if not the largest. looking forward to VR in the future for this game. but this requires VR to mature for me current tech is just not up to what im looking for. plus we cant drive what im looking for yet so no rush from me.( 1440 P with 120- 144 refresh for each eye.)

Bro. This looks amazing. It’s kinda like a mashup of 2033 and what 1313 would have been. ( Except 1313 was about a bounty hunter, but the sci-fi part of Star Citizen makes me think 1313 ).

I don’t follow SC stuff that often…Any real news on how the economy will work??Figure that is a very large part of PU…
Also surprised you don’t follow wtfosaurus…I like it when they(noob,bored and wtf) did a mystery science theater style when watching a presentation…
Also they do a discussion show together sometimes…

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Real news, no. But they will make it so players can pay each other with aUEC soon.

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I have not looked into SC in a while as I was backing because of “promised” GNU/Linux support. I heard that they are going Vulkan now and that a GNULinux client will more than likely be a thing after Squadron 42 and a real SC release. I estimate about 5 -10 years from now :stuck_out_tongue:

I am subscribed to WTF though and I tune in every once in a while to see the new features or hear his take. I am so surprised that he has not tired himself out on SC considering how much he plays and does the same things over and over.

For real…Last time I was watching him he was doing canyon a fly through for the millionth time…

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We’ve been asking for some kind of voyager direct refund for years. Im fine with this being the solution, its something at least. Im gonna be ballin’ next patch…

I wonder if I’ll get refunded for the 300i missile racks I bought in 2015 that dont exist anymore

Same here but not only that, they cost more than the new racks they were replaced with. Dont think anyone had their balance adjusted for that.