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Did the game come out yet?


Define come out, you can play it but it is not finished.


I am also in to Dual Universe. Which, in case you were wondering, is a partial release model as well. :stuck_out_tongue: BAHAHAHAHAHA


To me that is not a game. That is a demo. Anyway it seems that their plans are too grandiose and whatever they come out with will be disappointing. It also just seems like a money grab.



says the guy with a PUBG avatar


Every time I see one of these I turn into a small child.

It’s obviously an empty server or whatever, but it’s looking significantly less DayZ jank with the animations.


Hah, gotem!


lol is that the best you got ? :rofl:

So when is the first multiplayer coming ? Like 2025 ?

And no, CO-OP is not Multiplayer.


This was filmed at the Broken Moon free fly mode map.


I don’t play PUBG. I just did a play on words type of thing to make my nick. I like to put thought into this sort of stuff.


Character Customizer
With this feature, players can adjust aspects of their character’s physical appearance, such as face shape, eye color, hair style, and skin tone.

Logout Improvements
Players can now safely logout from major stations like Levski, Grim HEX, and Port Olisar. This will persist between sessions for when players log back into the game.

Pirate Hunter
Player will now earn virtue reputation for killing NPC pirates.

Interdiction and Quantum Jamming
AI pilots can now carry Quantum Jammers aboard their ships. These devices produce a field which stop Quantum Drives from being able to function. Players who are interdicted will now first have to destroy ships carrying Jammers before they can Quantum Travel away to safety.

Service Beacons
Service Beacons have been introduced to the PU economy. Using the mobiGlas, players can create and customize “Personal Transport” or “Combat Assistance” contracts that will be made available to other players to complete for the agreed upon payment. After the contract ends, players will be able to review each others performance with a positive or negative rating.

Combat Markers
The old Combat Markers were replaced with new 3D versions that include target brackets, hit indication, and missile locks.

Visor Screen
The visor screen has had additional hit effects for shields and hull areas added to the displays for your ship and targeted ships.
A new MFD screen has been added allowing players to customize the view angles of the target/self visor screens.

New Ships and Vehicles
Tumbril Cyclone
Aegis Reclaimer
Anvil Terrapin
MISC Razor
Nox Kue

New Ship Weapons
PRAR Distortion Scatterguns
Salvation (size 4)
Absolution (size 5)
Condemnation (size 6)
APAR Ballistic Scattergun
Havoc (size 1)
Hellion (size 2)
Predator (size 3)
KBAR 10-Series Greatsword Ballistic Cannon (size 2)
AMRS Omnisky IX Laser Cannon
GATS Yellowjacket Ballistic Gatling (size 1)
CF-557 Galdereen Repeater (size 5)

Star Marine
KSAR Custodian Energy SMG
GMNI R97 Ballistic Shotgun


I’ve noticed that they made some updates to the MISC Reliant Kore in the latest version of 3.1 that weren’t listed in the patch notes. I imagine this is due to all the Reliant variants being schedule for release in 3.4 but I’m glade they’ve done it. I can mount a weapon on each wing tip now when before I could only mount a weapon on one wing tip. Being able to mount 2 fixed size 3 laser repeaters plus the 2 size 1’s makes it a fairly capable skirmisher and still be able to haul a little cargo.


New Starter Ship


Free weekend



I don’t want to make you feel bad but the game is on a death bed. Just check google trends. In the end the game may become free to play just to have any players.


You assume too much of my enthusiasm, I am merely reporting, haven’t played much either recently but I do play to check new updates when they release.

They’ve also done many free weekends previously.


summertime, no game is dead!


Game is still lacking that big optimization pass for the PU. Until then you will need to be happy with stutters/pauses and 23-30fps. I’m not so have left it alone.


2.0 (alternate working title: Let’s Say ‘Sorry’ 2: Electric Boogaloo )