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Some RTX 2080 ti cards gpu's are failing ? what's going on? ! update ! gamersnexus finished testing the 2080ti's


Hardware Unboxed 2080ti livestream

new nvidia driver

update gamers nexus started testing some 2080 ti’s

Luckily looks like everyone gets their cards replaced from what I read so far

!! update !!
if you have a dead 2080ti steve from gamersnexus is trying to find out why it died and wants to borrow your card reddit post below

News Corner | GeForce RTX Cards Are Dying, Nvidia Facing Serious Issue


Surprised no one made this before you did. I saw it earlier but to be honest as long as the cards are being replaced who cares. Only time will tell, if this is big of just the normal echo chamber.



Invidia deserves the bad press after their BS.

long product life of previous generation and taunting they wouldnt release anything new since no competition, price increases, missing ship date on preorders, nothing ray tracing besides demos, BS benchmark calcuations to make RTX seem better… etc


Since there was nothing I decided to make a post about it here. But luckily looks like everyone gets their cards replaced from what I read


Even today, I believe this is common with new technology. Anyone remember when Ryzen released?


That’s true.

The only strange thing here is, that from Nvidias market position they were in no pressure to release a new (technological) generation of cards. I am curious about their reasoning behind that decision. It is clear that a bit more dev time on the RTX cards would not have hurt (no matter whether the GPU failures are an actual problem or not).


It certainly feels like the RTX series is half baked IMO. The fact they are trying to release cards where Raytracing isnt performing at the solid 60FPS we know and now this feels like the cards could have done with a bit more R&D. They could have released a refresh of the 10 Series and pushed RTX back a few years.


Yeah, I agree. It is surely frustrating for the ones having to deal with this but so far this might just be a bad batch. Anyway, right now I would recommend one of these cards even less.


Hardware Unboxed covered this as well. Lets see if all the media attention brings more light to the amount of users experiencing the problems.


the segfault bug? yea


gonna add that too to the post


Was thinking about that too there are some people that had even a second replacement card die maybe the two were from the same batch :frowning:


I can’t imagine being a professional hardware reviewer or someone that is current on benchmarks. Probably stressful as hell.


They probably didn’t want to pull an Intel and get blindsided, then have to blame their CEO for fraternizing with the staff rather than own up to their shit decisions and lackluster CPU releases over the last 7 years.

If I had to guess…

It happens, unfortunately. Sometimes shit just has to hit production before you find all the bugs and faults.


Possibly, however other than Intel they have a whole architecture at the ready. A little bit more polish and more dev time for the game developers would not have hurt methinks.


And the ML/DL crowd :grin:

But yeah, completely agree.


Doesn’t belong here either way.



Seems like extra bait to whip anti nvidia people into a frenzy :smiley:


Looks like they had me hook line and sinker. Appologies everyone.
I just hope they dont drop support for Maxwell soon.


guess we delete our posts both to not confuse people here :stuck_out_tongue: with it


Aye. Good idea