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Some RTX 2080 ti cards gpu's are failing ? what's going on? ! update ! gamersnexus finished testing the 2080ti's


That is neither relevant nor adds anything to the thread. Please be more constructive.


true but I laughed when I read it ^^ but it’s not relevant or helping


I just bought a EVGA 2080. Thankfully I couldn’t rationalize the price difference for the 2080 Ti. The reddit threads on this made it seem like the issues were pretty well isolated to the 2080 Ti.


Hard to imagine it being vram or cores, so it must be that higher RT core area whats breaking, but cant confirm even RTX card specs, so I’ll leave it there :man_shrugging:t2:

I havent checked these cards after pre launch hype, but it seemed to be built so that HBM has been replaced with RT chips which works out great with that GDDR6, and next AyyMD cards could even work this ways and GPU chips are just going to be collared like that


And this is before RayTracing is turned on which will take ugly textures and turn them into something completely different and beautiful!


This might be due to the GDDR6 being pushed out too fast, and possibly not to do with the GPU cores. Someone on r/nvidia claimed downclocking the GDDR6 stabilized their card.

Could be quality differences between Micron GDDR6 and Samsung GDDR6. So far, no one has reported widespread failures of Samsung GDDR6 Quadro RTX cards.


Interesting theory. Big if true.


I just find that being odd that suddenly Ti vram would crap itself while the 2070 and 2080’s seem to be ok


What puzzles me is that we’re talking smaller dies (than Volta…) on a known 12nm node. How can they not have anticipated this? Not like those $1200 prices don’t allow for decent QA.


is there widespread buying of RTX quadro cards? Also, I’d assume those are mostly sold via B2B or system integrators or whatever, so less likely to complain online.


I very much doubt volta was a big seller. This is much larger than Pascal however…


Not on the consumer side, sure, but also not on server side? (Same chip, isn’t it?)


yeah, from what i’ve read the memory is being pushed too far. Likely shitty quality of memory chips.


In my small sample size, I bought 2 2080 Tis and one of them needed to be replaced. 50% failure rate, lol.

To be serious, though, I have seen a lot of posts on the Nvidia forum of blue screens and other GPU card crashes.

But Nvidia is really good about taking care of people, they are even doing advanced replacement, so it’s not the end of the world.


Nvidia has a track record of shoddy GPUs. The most memorable is the 8000s series poor soldering. I have one dead 8800gts myself.

I guess being the best makes you lazy. On the other hand though this is probably the biggest chip with the most features + made for the “masses” in it’s not a Quadro for only the 0.1%.


good to hear :slight_smile:


r/nvidia - GamersNexus would like to borrow your dead 2080 Ti [X-post /r/PCMR]


update gamers nexus started testing some 2080 ti’s


That G-Sync related BSOD reminds me of the DisplayPort issues with Pascal. Hopefully it gets fixed with a driver update tomorrow or Friday.


Funny thing I don’t have any of these with my 1080 ti, 980ti and g-sync panel now but, I had these alot when I had a unstable system because of my ryzen not liking my ram and not 100% working Mainboard which died in August got it replaced and (bought gskill Samsung b-die) issue was gone for me I got loads of crashes with the other ram did memtest86 4h no problems with it but under windows crash boot crash even in bios xd ^^ since I got a new mobo and new ram hadn’t had any of these so for me I don’t know if it had been a g-sync display port issues :slight_smile: