Show me your "Spare" rig's!

thats really cool!, he just needs to whiten all the plastic

Send me some stuff guys, my Athlon cant handle shit anymore :(

Niiice work bud! That's a lot of high end gear!

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I really wish we could do some kind of Forum exclusive digital garage sale/ swap meet. I know, there is always eBay but I don't entirely trust it (I know I know, irrational and stupid of me, I get that.) I've decided I'm probably going to replace my aging i5 3570K with a Skylake i5 6400 just to be a backup/ photo editing rig for the Wife. Also since I haven't had a chance to play with any of the newer 100-series Intel stuff. And I found a CPU/MB combo for about $160-ish, so that's a good price point. Just throw in some basic DDR4 (2133 is fine with me!) and it'll be a little beast. Or I might wait it out and hope I find a e3 1245v3 for my Haswell rig. I need more threads for my VM's!

Two spares systems that I have are the following:

(Leviathan - Server 2012 R2 File Server)

Antec 300
Thermaltake ToughPower 700W
Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H
Core i5 3450
2x4GB Kingston PC3-12800
eVGA GeForce 210
Intel 40GB SSD for O/S
Western Digital Blue 3TB and Seagate 3TB in RAID 0 (Backed up every few months)
Seagate 2TB

The other system is a simple Linux box:

Cheap Chinese Chassis
Seasonic 350W
Dell MIG41R Motherboard
Core2 Quad Q8400
2x2GB Kingston PC3-12800
320GB Seagate S-ATA

My computers (in order of redundancy):

Cardboard 2.2 (Main rig, 2600K, R9 Nano)

Motion (Slate Tablet - Core 2 Duo L7400, 2GB RAM)

Ryuushi (Laptop - MSI GE40, i7-4702MQ, GTX760M)

DarkNut (All-round powerhouse, dual E5-2670, Z9PE-D8 WS, Radeon 7850)

3D 1.0 (Tiny MicroATX Linux machine - i3-3220, 16GB RAM - WIP)

UpsideDown (PFSense Router - Xeon E5450, 2GB RAM, 2 Intel NICs + 2 Realtek NICs)

OverCooled (775 Xeon overclocking project - Xeon E5310, EP45-U3DP, 6GB DDR2-800, HD7770)

I also have all these Core 2 Duo-based business laptops (mostly thinkpads) in my desk drawers.


Last ones are:

NecroSharp (Mobile Athlon 4, 256MB RAM)

And, just to top off, if the world goes to shit, and computers start dying like flies, and we're forced to migrate back to the days of Windows 95... I will have this waiting for when that happens :3333

Some people say I have too many computers. I tend to agree with them... but I don't really care x333333


So for me it's:
IBM x3250 m3 with an i3-530 (gotta get an x3430 or something like that) 2GB RAM ECC (need to buy some 8GB sticks) and no HDD ATM, it will be mine SSH/File/VM/router thingie probably from next summer (also it's my laptop stand atm :D).

Dell 7720 17R SE i7-3630QM, 16GB 1600Mhz, NV 650m, M550 128GB, 1TB HDD, with an W10 Home, but immah going to buy some 32-128GB MSata SSD for Debian etc. I use this as my lan/school etc. PC

And last (atleast atm) my Fujitsu M2010 rocking an N270 with 2GB DDR2 and some bad Toshiba 320GB HDD oh and Fedora 25 (gotta change to debian with xfce or i3). Atm it's in my boy house so I don't have new pics, just lewd one.

I found one image with all those stuf running (plus my main rig)


My god that Cardboard case is beautiful.

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After reading this Im expecting a setup picture

yupppppp x3 It's not even finished either... It's going to have a 240mm radiator in the front by the time I'm done with it :3333

You need to make a build log for that. :P

There is one but I haven't updated it in ages.

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its nothing crazy, very messy, like my self.

Most of my spares are not complete systems. I don't follow upgrade paths that other people usually do. I bought a 6700k and z170 last year, but kept my 660 ti as my main GPU. I picked up a fury on the cheap on black friday and it's proven to be a good buy. I just upgrade to new hardware when a certain part feels like it's holding me back from what I need. I spend most of my time in Linux, so a VT-d enabled CPU and an AMD primary card seemed to be the right way to go.

Current Spare hardware:

  • 2x p8z77-v pro
  • 1x 3770k
  • 1x 3570k
  • 1x 6600k
  • 1x R9 380
  • 1x GTX 660 Ti
  • 1x Gigabyte AMD 970 motherboard (forget the model)
  • 1x fx8320
  • tons of DDR3 ram (all 4 or 8GB sticks, totaling 56GB I think)
  • 1x GTX 970 (soon to be part of my passthrough system, just need to get the tools built in Solus. Also, possibly going into my brothers system as he's graduating a semester early and is ready to join the master race.)
  • 1x GTX 285 (used as coaster, but it probably still works)

Pics coming soon.

One of my friends wants to build a PC. I keep telling him to come by and pick stuff out and fill in the missing pieces. To me, it feels like a huge waste of perfectly good hardware to have all this shit sitting around not doing anything.

sell it on reddit!

or even here.

the ivy bridge chips go for $100-200, the GPUs could find a nice home if sold locally, the AMD stuff could even make a nice server for someone.

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Good point. There's a small part of me that wants to use the 3770k for a vive setup, but I also don't want to invest in first-gen VR.

That AMD motherboard is really shit, but I'll consider it. It's out of one of those ibuypower rigs from 2014 or so? Got the package off a client who didn't want it. I offered to pay him but he said "it's shit, why would I charge you for something that's broken"

I'm kinda holding on to the 3570 for the friend who wants a rig because he's only going to use it for gaming, so why not give him the option.

I mean the only thing not worth anything is the 285.

the rest is worth at least $100 or more to the right person

That's why I use it for a coaster.

I'm probably just making excuses because I don't like getting rid of tech. I'll probably have an @FaunCB status collection by 2030 if I'm not careful.

And to think I paid $300 for the 285 back in the day. Very expensive coaster.

I like keeping stuff around (its how I got the second computer) but like if its just a space waster, sell it man.

you will enjoy the cash more than the boxes on teh shelf.

Very true. What's funny is I don't think I have all the boxes anymore. Most of it is just sitting on a wooden shelf in the closet.

I guess I'll have to try my hand on the WTB/FS section of the forum soon.