Show me your "Spare" rig's!

Does this qualify?


I have like 5 775 socket motherboards with around 5 CPUs to go in them, I know for sure I have two Q8300s and the others are all Dual-Cores but not sure on their models, I also have many old (and mostly broken graphic cards, a shit ton of 802.11/g PCI WiFi cards, at least 3-4 craptastic power supplies, two cases, many old 2.5 and 3.5 drives, three unused 1080p monitors and shit load of other stuff.

Here is a picture of some of the stuff, I have more and could probably build a couple of machines with all these parts:

Essentially what happens is that people in my family/friends either break something on their computer or for whatever reason get a new one and I just dismantle them and throw away the case but keep all the other parts.

I also have a Pentium 4 517 machine that is collecting dust that is almost useless, I did watercool it once for the lulz though:



I need one ah dose.

I'll post a proper pic after I've blown the dust out, but my "spare" rig looks like this (minus the 3.5" HDD that I only put in there to show mounting options to another forum member) :

Case : Fractal Design Define R5
MoBo : MSI Z77A GD65 Gaming
CPU : Intel i5-2500 @ 4.1GHz with BeQuiet Shadow Rock Slim
RAM : GeIL 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR3-1333 CL9
GFX card : MSI GTX770 (N770 4GD5/OC to be precise)
PSU : BeQuiet Straight Power 10 500W
SSD1 : OCZ Agility3 240GB
SSD2 : Samsung 840 EVO 1TB
DeLock 2.5" + 3.5" hotswap bay (for disk wiping and data recovery from severely infected OS drives)
Pioneer Blu-Ray writer (for ripping CDs and Blu-rays and burning Blu-rays for archival purposes)
3x Fractal 140mm fans, connected to the case's on-board fan controller

It's connected to one of my displays and I have a wireless MS mouse and keyboard for when I need to use it, but it's usually just folding.
When I bought my current motherboard, CPU and memory, I felt that it would be a waste to throw away the old ones or sell them for next-to-nothing. So I bought the case, cooler and PSU and eventually turned it into a full system again.
Not sure if it really qualifies as "spare". It gets used every couple of weeks for stuff that I'd rather not do with my primary rig, so it's really just "one of my rigs"

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I think I'm done with computers soon.

Plan to start photography in the summer so I cna get outside more :D

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Right, well, all the machines I have. HOOboy.

My workspace

Imac to the side (back up machine to main 2 machines, mostly serves as a ISO server, FTP, and lightbox during streams)

Black: Streamer Mac: Editor

Sad server that has no ram right now but I intend to absolutely stuff that shit

Fave laptop (NW8000) has 2000 on it for the post I am working on (serves as a staging box)

IBM 600X (serves my windows 9X needs. Will have 98SE when I get to it has 95 rn)

Acer AspireONE D150-KAV10. Its an ISO and PXE server.

Left to Right: Powerbook G4 (linux test ground), ibook G4 (RIP needs new mobo), Compaq Aero 4/33QT (my 386SX compatibility machine), IBM TransNote (documentation and Inventory), Dell Inspiron 1000 (the Amiga machine), Toshiba Sattelite\PRO 460CDX (my DOS 7.1 gaming machine).

Macbook 1,1: its my current laptop

Tan box is my first ever computer (has a pentium 2 and the inside is IBM AT layout O_o), imac is the parts mule for the one at my desk.

My next project after the BBS (Dell XPS 266)

eMachines T5048, was the pentium 4 box I had before I built the black machine at the top. Gave to my mom to use, she smokes, its dead, rip my ass.

Top to Bottom: Toshiba ElitePro with Dock, parts mule inspiron 1000 to the amiga, VPR matrix non-sold presentation unit, Gateway Turion X2 laptop for compatibility (in disrepair ATM), Acer Aspire W1800 (mobo caught fire, going to fix)

IBM A31e and Some dell that I ripped apart. The IBM is for the big ass screen, the dell I haven't thrown out yet

Varrock, right now is my mom's machine (she has 2 xeons to do email with LOL but its all I had at the ready that wouldn't explode)

2X Compaq EVO D510's. These are both units I hacked the bios on, the top one has the newest prescott I could find in it (2.8 GHZ OC to 3.62, 2 GB ram, PSU I'll replace) and it was the first machine I made into a gamer, bottom one just has a 2.4 GHZ prescott, both HT, this is the BBS.

Pentium 3 Xeon Access box. I actually use this to remote into other machines. Has W2K Server on it.

Hackintosh laptop. I decided rather than having the fan on at 1000% in my bedroom all the time to put it in the cold ass sun room and just remote into it when I need it.

My old Lenovo B575. I remote into it as well. Its a LAMP server. Turned off rn tho.

This is just my sisters desktop when we were kids. Has windows 95 on it. Also has a pentium pro. I'll rescue it at some point.

Lastly, I have like 6 of these little dell optiplex SX270's. Little p4 HT Prescotts. I use them as servers. This one is just out of use rn.

If I have anything else its buried somewhere.


That is my AMD K7 machine that I WANT to put linux on for shits and giggles. PROBLEM IS Windows 2000 runs amazingly on it and I can only go as high as an ATi 7XXX series GPU. :(


Well this thread is going to make me have to organize and finish some of the projects I've got going to show off. I've got some stuff in the works that I need to complete, I have quite the collection of hardware.


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When I see those old beige box's I always regret throwing so many away in the early 2000's. I would love to do one of these types of conversions.

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That's actually pretty bad ass, spare or whatever you decide to call it. That system is still better than a lot of new ones. Good work!

Man, that's a impressive collection, and I totally get how you kind of gather the parts. Back when I was a better friend (or had a higher tolerance for other peoples BS) I was being given old parts all the time. Build some goodies and give 'em to schools or something. :) Or just keep your stock. It's all good.

Dude! I have no words to describe the awesomeness. It reminds me of this place I went as a kid, called "Weird Stuff" that was a HUGE place just filled with all sorts of tech. Could be old mainframes and servers, could be old punch-block card readers, could be your Grandpa's old VIC-20. They had everything. Like you. lol. Man I'm glad those machines found a good steward and you are planning to keep then alive and running. It shows the quality of work that went into them that they are (for the most part) still alive. Awesome stuff!

Looking forward to it!! This is gonna be fun!

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I don't really like giving away my old hardware as I'll likely have a use for it in the future and to be honest some of it is broken (mostly some of the HDDs and graphic cards) and the rest is too old to be of use to anyone except myself because they work but have quirks and are not necessarily 100% reliable all of the time, An example is my ASUS P5P41D motherboard, it works almost all the time but sometimes it won't turn on for whatever reason and if I gave that to somebody they will keep asking me to fix it.

Lets see, I have a couple laptops

13" Macbook Pro - 2.26ghz Core 2 Duo, 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD, Nvidia 9400m
Lenovo Ideapad Y500 - i7 3630QM, 12GB RAM, Junk HDD, optional dual 650m gpus

I also have a desktop I use as a home server

Core2 Quad Q6600, 4GB Ram, No GPU, Bitfenix Merc Alpha case, 80GB boot, 3tb and 1tb storage, Ghetto Arduino fan controller

I have an Nvidia GS 8600, Nvidia GT210, and Sapphire Radeon 7770 Ghz edition GPUs as spare if I need video for the above rig.

I have a few older desktops as well including an AMD Athlon 2500+ rig, my first new PC, and an HP ProLiant ML350 Server with dual Xeons.

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I'm now convinced you're a hoarder lol.

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That's the reason that I went with my e3-1231v3.


The "backup" is my media PC:
i7 3770S
2x Geil DDR3 1600 4GB
Corsair CX 430W
Asus H81M-PLUS
ASUS GTX 950 or, if I don't sell it, EVGA GTX 980 SC
ASUS Xonar D2X
Momentus XT 250GB 7200RPM
Can't recall brand/specs of second HDD

Laptop's at the ready - an upgraded Cyberpower Zeusbook Ultimate 200
17.3" 1920x1080
i7 4700HQ
HGST 1TB 7200
2x 120GB mSATA SSDs in RAID-0
2x 8GB DDR3 1600
GTX 765M

If I need more horsepower I have one round a friend's, which I use weekly for LAN gaming.
i7 4820K
4x 4GB Corsair DDR3 1600
ASRock X79 Extreme9
1TB WD (Black, I think)
Sandisk 120GB SSD
Corsair TX 750W

The work 2013 MBPr will probably be used before moving the LAN machine around though, assuming that somehow the main rig, media machine, laptop and Surface Pro 3 are otherwise inaccessible.

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I didn't have internet till 2014 at my house and I only had a DS can you really blame me?

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Yeah... I guess I would be damaged too LOL


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