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May as well add this here rather than it getting lost in lounge :smiley:

Next up I will be making

  • Heavy flamethrower arm
  • Thunder hammer + storm shield arms


Looks cool. What is the model based from?


Sketched this a while ago
Still need to get better with hand/head proportions

traced over an image to make a silhouette for a professor



is almost done just something kinda quirky


#153 | |

Mammalian Dragon | Krita | 2018

Sow The Seeds | Clip Studio Paint | 2017

Brobot | Krita | 2017

Sektrit | Procreate & Clip Studio Paint | 2017

Annu | Oil on Canvas | 16" x 20" | 2017

Cheeto In Chief | Oil on Canvas | 16" x 20" | 2017

Mother Dragon | Tiltbrush | 2017


Terrible licensing scheme. Rather just use Krita for most stuff anyway.


Dunno much about clip studio, but I really like Krita so I’m going to have to agree with you


I used to use clip studio quite often, has stellar tools, but that DRM sucks horribly. Max of 2 machines per license, rate limited deactivations (really bad for dual boot systems and having a third device to use)

I’ve found that krita does 99% of what i need it to do anyway, even does enough to do spritework


Messing with watercolours in Procreate.






I really wished procreate wasn’t locked down to iOS.


iOS? Not even OSX?


Reminds me of one of the default android backgrounds.


Well with a tablet, it can be an easier space to work with. Essentially like a pen and paper. I think the app was designed with that in mind.

Correct me if I’m wrong.


This is how far I had gotten with my squad

Need to do a proper head for the sergeant and one more weapon I think (for diversity sake) and properly texture them (not just shaders).

After that its

enemies for them to fight in the scene and appropriate background.

not sure if I should do a space hulk scene or a planet battlefield


was just some pokeman font i found and a drop shadow i messed with


I would not call this art but we tag thing red or blue at work for different parts, I get bored.

it will not live on however, at least not visibly, this is a floor for one and will be painted grey all over tomorrow.

I do doodle sometimes so i might upload some of that eventually, I am very lazy though so who knows.


While that may be true, the only actual barrier is the METAL API which is AFAIK only supported on Apple OSes. On top of that wo doesn’t want an easier space to work with. Hell Celsys ported CSP to the Ipad so there’s no reason “UI” wise to not port the layout of procreate to the desktop, or other tablets.