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Some WIP thing



Some very old and random things i used to do in photoshop


Are these recent uploads? If yes, I recommend that imgur private folder over photobucket

Photobucket has resized my pictures to 720p



Selected by Yoko Ono to be in the Museum of Modern Art. It’s a big group show. 80 artists a day and each day it changes. So I will only be shown for 1 day.
That’s enough!



DA! is good


I’ve been hard at work. I’m clearly a pro.



Warframe on the left, Planetside 2 on the right, I do not know what the middle is.


Looks like Minecraft




just some stank memes


2018 Yearly Update.
I am an artist not a web developer, but tonight I had to do both.


My site looks like I have a business, but it’s just my portfolio.
Overhauled from top to bottom. I scrutinized every pixel and asked . . .

“Can I do better?” image

My manta while working was ‘Simplicity & Subtle Sophistication’.
After re-doing the site all night, I had to force myself to take a break before carpal set in.


PC City


What program would you use to make your own text?


Adobe Illustrator (typically)


You should not do what I do. I use a super old version of Macromedia Fireworks for designing things like custom logos. The only reason why I use something so archaic is because that is the SW I learned on and I got it for free (at the time it was fairly expensive). Anywho, as @oO.o noted, something like Illustrator would be much much better.




Minecraft indeed!


Probably the most relevant place for this thing

Worthy feature

Pricier version has multi page stuff, and export & print options to that multi page stuff
and there is no frame limit to animations
and some 2d/3d feature I do not understand

Convert 3D model and 2D image data into very manga-like expressions with outline and posterization of tone

Picked the software from animation test gif, and it happened to have that discount