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Probably the most difficult building I have modeled so far. Reference: Château de Chambord. There is also a timelapse video:

Modeling: Cinema 4D
Tree model: SpeedTree Cinema
Render: Octane



for sped up version of the theme for sanic

was going for still crude/terrible looking, but tried to get the depth perception right, one leg behind/left leg, one in front the right,

the arm being above it all running without moving the arm, although the naruto run would also have worked,


This is how far I had got with the paint job

weather has turned really nice and its hard choosing to stay inside and finish over glorious sunshine


I am new to the forums
This is the kind of art i make with software like photoshop and mspaint


Would like to see more of that.


I believe this is the new Intel architecture…
Looks like a die shot.


thanks guys
have another one


Oh yeah doodles, I forgot about this. Nothing amazing and certainly not like whats been posted above, wow.

Just some pics of my guitar strap. Many years old now and much loved.

I will have to get a better picture of some version of that fish at the end. I have drawn it a lot over the years and is eventually going to be a tattoo for me. I came up with it over 10 years a go and still like it so i have no worries about getting it permanent on me and it is my own work, not a fan of getting someone elses art on me.

EDIT: Oh yeah My CPUs, I have dome more things with them.

@Rokas How long did that take? the video shows so much more detail than I imagined was in the building.

@hmetic Those are really nice, ever done anything in Yellow, Grey, White and Black? or Purple instead of Yellow… Or basically any base primary colour and Grey, White and Black. Those seem to be my go to blocks of colour for this kind of stuff. They just look right in my head.


That is gona make for an amazing wallpaper.



this is one is old but i still like it.


from a recent MV shoot


Not my art, but it has to be shared with the Tek Syndicate crew.



Had a creative burst for a guitar, build/mod. So i messages a friend as we bolt like them and odd guitar ideas.

Yo got creative after watching the first part of the Crimson making a kit guitar “Awesome!”. He plans to put a gap out of the body and have some edge lighting and do a chasm type build, like the copper rodded. I got the idea anyway.

So i decided what if I got an ML bass body, Cut slices out of the horns. Get clear plastic block inserts to fill the gaps so you can see through that part of the horn. Drill two holes through the plastic block for long bolts and frost the inside so you don’t see the screw thread. Put LEDs in the body side of the bolt holes shining through the frosted bolt shafts in the plastic block making them glowing tubes. Bevel the bejaysus out of the horns and paint the bevels a sharp yellow and have black on all the other flat sides of the body.

Meanest looking ML bass in the world.


I had forgotten about this thread…

work in progress

its an old scene buy I am finally getting around to updating it

Next update should be with the arms done


Not mine, but I like it.
A woman, who was part of the original Mac design team, spent 6 months with black needlepoint on white cloth to recreate the MacOS v1.0 Control Panel.



This was how far I got with this before I canned it

I was planning on re-doing it from scratch based on actual blueprints, I just havent had the time yet.


This is the new Martin Luther King library under construction in my neighborhood.

This is 20 photos cut up into a Photoshop collage.
The original image is 5000 x 5000 pixels.



The building is nice, that collage is a headache, sorry no offense just hard to follow.