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Self Driving car kills a pedestrian



The problem is the mentality it creates. People think “well they have to stop, I have the right of way”.

Which doesn’t protect you from a driver who doesn’t see you. Which IIRC is what happened here.


The best way to get rid of that mentality is to not stop.


And then that person goes to jail for killing “that poor pedestrian”.


I didn’t say I was going to do that. :stuck_out_tongue:


99% of the people won’t hear anything about the data, they will only see the headline, and be afraid.
There is a term in the trucking industry for this.
That term is: Job Security


lol, I can see where you are coming from.


Video of the accident, there’s just no way in hell the car could have stopped for that.
They safety driver is useless though, looking at her phone.


Thats daming for the driver. He was not looking at all till it was 1-2 seconds till over. The car cam should have IR as well. It looks fake but its 480p.

Still if she could not see that cars headlight. That darwin 101.


She was jaywalking. Shouldn’t have ahppened. Notice at 0:04, the solid stripe for bike lane turns dashed, that indicates a turning lane, which means there’s some sort of intersection coming up. Had this lady been in the crosswalk, she likely would have been fine.

It almost definitely does. I’m thinking the driver was looking at the instrumentation as well. Maybe he could have stopped the car, but if his job is to monitor the autonomous systems, it’s entirely possible likely he was just doing his job.


At the start you can see 3 white lines ahead. They seem to jump into view. Then at 3 second its only 2 white lines and the darkness on the the left side stops moving ahead even through there is a street light in view on the right and left side on the road ?

The driver from 15-20 seconds his eyes are looking down then start looking up. Shock hits his face at 21 seconds

I am just a know one but. It’s not right to me.

Play the vid at 0.25 speed


Are you questioning whether the footage is real?

It was released by the police.


I am. But I know nothing about cameras and its 480p and uber gave it the police. I dont doubt the police tampered with it at all.

As I said I know nothing but it looks edited to me.


Your opinion is just as valuable as anyone elses. That said, I disagree with your opinion.

I just went through it frame by frame. It looks fine to me. Nothing really jumped out at me as edited.


I hate the media but they are predictable
more job security:

I give it a day or 2 before the media starts playing clips of Terminator 2 while reporting on the heartbreak of the victims family.


Weird part is it looks like the car was equipped with LIDAR, which sees through darkness.


I was gonna agree that a human would most likley have stopped
The public perception, since most people consider themselves to be better then they really are, will be “I would have stopped”

I thought your post was informative


I kind went into cognitive bias that uber meddled. I need to remember I am crazy :slight_smile:


At 0:03 you can see the light cones of the car extending over the light cone from the street light, near the end of second 0:04 the impact happened. Just assuming 35mph, it is impossible to stop in that distance (requires about twice as much distance).


I drive at night a lot. On a straight road with street lamps and the lady crossed from the median strip over one lane of road into the lane she was hit and killed sadly.
Any human would have stopped. That is my believe. Camera’s dont see what human eyes see. Watching it on youtube is not the same as being in the car.

If that driver had of been looking he would have stopped. It is bad timing like 5 seconds not looking out of thousands of hours the AI did driving correctly.

No fog etc. I could have seen a lady in white shoes, blue jeans, red bike and white shopping bag on the handle bars and a blue bag on the handlebars. She even had a orange helmet on. I would have started braking at least.

This story will unfold if the agencies do there job.


this is how the machines are going to kill us. Have little “accidents” Run over some of us, scald some of us in our showers, Traffic light malfunctions; dark times are coming.