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Self Driving car kills a pedestrian



I have no problem with stopping for pedestrians.

I have every problem with having to lock up all 4 tires because their dumb ass can’t look where they’re going.

Had to do that multiple times a week when I delivered pizza for about 2 years.


I feel you and I don’t disagree with you. I think that it is a law mainly because each state handles it so differently.

My family teaches the kids early, “Your ass is not made of bumper. Look both ways twice before crossing and keep your head on a swivel. Secure and put everything away until you have made it to the other side.” That has saved my life many times before.

Also, rules, laws, and warnings are only a thing because someone was ignorant enough to cause it to be a thing.


I feel like that’s kind of important too. They had a way to stop the vehicle before it hit the pedestrian and they didn’t?


It is, to be fair.

They probably weren’t paying attention either.


The German road traffic regulations,
§1.1 Taking part in traffic requires constant awareness and regard for others
§1.2 Who takes part in traffic has to behave in a manner to not harm or endanger others […] and to not impede or annoy others.


Which is easier to see, a moving car or a pedestrian that may be obscured by parked vehicles and not paying attention?

Sure there are issues with speeding vehicles, but that’s a different circumstance which is quite obviously the drivers fault.

And again, people just walk into traffic with the same mentality of a “gun free zone” sign. “The law will make the car stop, no matter what.”


Which is more likely to cause lethal injury?
A) pedestrian walks into car
B) car runs over pedestrian

It seems you did not understand me. I (or the StVO) are saying “be careful to not harm anyone or endanger others”.
Blindly walking into traffic is endangering others, end of story.

When we want to have a lot of laughter, bring that up here. EVERYONE will laugh their ass off.


You cannot do that ^ in 'merica. We have a lot of idiots. Others would think that is too close to socialism.
We are the home of “Don’t give small piece of plastic to infants” and “Warning: Contents of Coffee container hot.”

That is a very simple and elegant way of dealing with it though.


That’s much harder to prove, which is my problem with that kind of system.

Proving that they intentionally did it (suicides) is hard as well. I had a friend who’s father was the unfortunate victim of such a thing. He was a delivery driver as well.

Luckily the pedestrian left a note at home, which completely frees the driver of responsibility.

Which is easier to do,

A) not walk in front of a moving vehicle
B) stop in 10-20 feet at 45mph because the pedestrian wasn’t paying attention and stepped out between two SUV’s.

The pedestrian can stop walking faster, see the vehicle faster because it’s larger, makes more noise, and often has lights.

Then again I got head-on-ed in broad daylight by some little shit, despite my headlights being on and me having a bright blue illuminated Domino’s sign on the roof of my car. He gave no turn signal, I had no indication he was turning. Saw him, but had no idea he would suddenly veer into my lane.

I guess the TL;DR here is that humans are fucking stupid, and dumb shit will always happen, regardless of legislation.


Which is why we are now removing human drivers from the equation with self driving cars which is great. And in cases like this we don’t have to wonder what happened cause the car has it all on film along with loads of sensors giving us all the info we need to figure out what went wrong.

The next step is to remove pedestrians from the equation, luckily #skynet will take care of that for us.


Won’t stop people with agendas trying to use it as fuel though.


the number people advocating for a safety bubble society is purely frightening .


but many drivers do the same thing

and see they have the light on the sign saying walk and just floor it to go first/floor it to block them out from going etc. get stuck waiting at corner forever literally multiple lights cause too many cars and they wont wait like 5 seconds

basically if you talking jay walking or somethin ye sure car in motion should have right away and pretty sure usually legally does, but if you at a complete stop at a sign people should prob have first go, given the guy in a car can just go slightly faster after that to make up the time, instead of the peds getting stuck behind train of cars

for uber though prolly will still be the old classic no one at fault unless they throw the driver under the bus


An update. Police are saying the Uber vehicle was probably not at fault. More agencies are going to study the data / video. The car never braked. She came off a dark curb and even a human driver would have been hard to see her.


I’ve never seen a vehicle run a red light to block a pedestrian at a cross walk. Or at least never seen a cross walk where the pedestrians turn wasn’t accompanied by a red light.

Must be a big city thing? (by that I mean NYC, LA, etc. Not “large state capital”)


As expected, nice that the case can be closed so quickly because of the fact that it was a self driving car recording everything.


Thank God for telemetry :wink:


Which is why the law is just legalized Darwinism. Anyone who’s even remotely smart won’t step out in front of a moving vehicle unless they’re trying to off themselves.


nah isnt even just big citys lol. talking at intersection least bunch of the places ive been they just make them walk same time as the cars are going basically so the people turning can prevent them from going

which seems they usually do by flooring it to cut them off basically, or do the thing people do on interstate and shit, where they speed up to keep close enough to next car to prevent them from going, then the cars going left from the other direction etc


Full-time ped here. I don’t know for sure if peds get right-of-way when jaywalking or when they don’t have the light at a controlled intersection, but I’d be surprised if they do. I think that only applies at crosswalks or street corners, when they have the light.

The point of giving peds right-of-way is so that they can get anywhere at all when it’s busy. Imagine a backed-up intersection; you’re trying to cross, but some cars are making turns, which could hit you. Without right-of-way, you either have to bolt across when you see a few cars without turn signals, or wait it out. Depending on the intersection, this could take hours (worst-case scenario, but not uncommon at rush hour). Some intersections give a 4-way stop when you press the ped-xing button, but most of them are just idiot buttons for people who can’t understand the traffic signals (some places don’t have the buttons, and just leave the ped signals on auto; they just mirror the green light in the same direction).

With right-of-way, you can wait for the light to cycle around again, enter the intersection before any cars have started moving, and safely cross. Of course, without guaranteed right-of-way, some drivers might stop and wave you through, but this is (1) slower for the other drivers, (2) confusing for all involved since yielding right-of-way is not expected behavior, and (3) unreliable and uncommon for the peds.

Sometimes I have to run across the street without a sidewalk (aka jaywalking), but I only do this if I have a good 10-second lead on any cars in the road. Like if I trip on my own stupid feet and the driver is asleep at the wheel, I still have time to get out of the way. I like to play it safe, but as a ped, you should play it safe. You could cut it a little closer but it becomes an exponentially worse idea. People who run out at the last second, without clearly getting the driver’s attention, either are distracted, have a death wish, or are waaay too used to cutting it close.

tldr right-of-way isn’t about who would win in a collision, it’s about how to most efficiently route traffic. If a robot couldn’t react to you running out you probably were being unsafe.