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Self Driving car kills a pedestrian



kids !?!


If you can’t stop, you are diving in an unsafe manner and should have your license revoked.


Kids should have electric fences like dogs do.

this is sarcasm. I don’t actually believe this


I like Nevada’s take on this mainly Las Vegas bit you get hit by a car J-walking the pedestrian pays the fine. There is some cases when pedestrian is not at fault but carry most of the cause of the incident.


Exactly. While I’m not one to get mad about a jaywalker, I’m also not going to be upset when you get hit by a car. crosswalks are in place for public safety. If you don’t use them, you’re accepting the risk.


If you can’t be bothered to look and see if a car is coming, you deserve to get hit?

Your statement seems like that of one who has little driving experience. There are absolutely times when a driver, any driver, absolutely could not stop.

Although in this instance, that is not the case.


No, I absolutely stand by it.

That bring said, I’m thinking city driving. Not highway driving.




Legally no, darwin says yes however.


I haven’t analysed the footage, but it does appear to me like the ped comes out of nowhere, in the middle of the road.
What seems weird is the car doesn’t attempt to slow down or avoid at all? I wonder if the algo is looking for things approaching from the side, and not expecting something to immediately appear out front like that. Hard to say. if there was LIDAR fitted and working, it should have picked out the person. even if there was an IR camera or something, it should have seen them.
Probably a chain of things went wrong or happened a particular way to cause this accident.

I also haven’t really been following the lawsuits over self driving tech. Tin foil hat on, was lidar disabled because of this?

Cant say for sure I would have stopped in time, but I like to think i would see them and try and avoid. Who knows unless you are in that exact situation.


Leo’s 2 cents.
He states uber cars have an average of 13 miles per human intervention. That is scary if true.


This is a photo not 480p video but an iphone 4S on max settings of my crappy kitchen.

I can see everything in the kitchen when I took the photo.


So is it Uber?


Uber is a pretty crappy company. Who even wants to work for them? Well, pretty much only people with no other choice. I would not complain if Uber goes down in flames over this.


Uber is only good at starting up a venture and then get deliberately in trouble by lawmakers.


City driving, in my experience, is where that happens the most.

Although in the “cities” I am thinking of, the speed limit is generally 45.

But again, even if the car is going 25mph, if you step out and the car is 10-15 feet away the driver likely won’t even have time to react.

Which is my point. There absolutely are times where the driver could have done nothing.


I think the only defense would be saying the speed limit is set too high and should be lower.


Or maybe people should look both ways before walking into the street. Seems like that solves all the problems without much more effort.

And I will say we need to revamp driving courses in this country because yeah people mostly drive like shit.


Can this thread be renamed: Self driving car finally kills for the first time,
Or “The end starts here: First human eliminated by robot”

All jokes aside, it’s a shame to hear Uber will stop it’s AV testing in the area it happened, as they obviously need more training


It is terrible that someone lost their life here. That being said, Im going to be the cold hearted jerk and say that unfortunatly, this is the cost of progress. Many people died when cars first became popular, due to no traffic laws, this is the same thing.

Im not saying that their was not a failure in the autonomous sytems; it is possible. What I am saying is that bad things are going to happen when technology of this type is as young as it is. It is inevitable. These are growing pains, nothing more.