Ryan Shrout Leaves PCPer for Intel

not talking bout 970 more him leaving

Him leaving is a big deal cause he was one of the main people of PCPer. But there are still others who do his work just fine.

I hate comparisons… But it would be like if Wendell said fuck this, Ryan… Krista… You takeover now.


so drama over the life choice of a better then most reviewer. seems we like to get up in a fuss. its not like a scandal or a verge pc build experiment. that’s my view on this hes good but nothing lost nor gained

There’s no scandal or drama… It’s just news that only really effects people who really are into tech journalism…

Contrary to popular belief from people like us, there’s people who would rather read articles about the RTX 2080 than watch a 45 minute video


Wasn’t he already shi^H^H^H working for intel?

only half joking.

Have a lot of respect for Allyn’s work re: storage, etc. But PCper has seemed very much pro-intel and anti-amd when there is any sort of forward looking or yet to be benchmarked news. Or performance projections.

i mean everyone here is talking about it that’s still drama/gossip. i prefer articles but knew nothing about him or of him . everything he does others can do, just cause hes a big wig doesn’t make him irreplaceable. is him leaving PCper sudden not planned with PCper, is he leaving them high and dry, like it doesn’t seem much of a news story other then us gawking at a reviewer and his choices.

Probably cause you are new to it. Ryan has been doing what he does for a long time

Kind of Ironic considering Ryan reviewed strictly AMD in the early 2000s.

May be the case, but that’s the impression i’ve seen in the past 2 years.

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i don’t review things, so new to what? i read reviews and such and understand issues in the tech world im not some super youngen. it just seems we are fussing and talking over a dude who who made a choice.



Taking bets now. How long before he is the next Bapco and Principled Tech.

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Highly Doubt

Clearly he is not able to post bad reviews on intel and is a shil /s

That was then, he is on the payroll now. If they wanted independently verifiable reviews then where he was, was a better position for both him and Intel.

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I think your tinfoil hat is on to tight

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Call it what you like I have next to zero trust in the tech review world. It has been proven time and again that many companies, and Intel being a large one in that, have done every underhanded thing possible to come out good.

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I honestly believe the recent one was just incompetence on the tester(PT). Yes everyone choose games/benchmarks that favor them but that not really underhanded.

If i was ryan I would see this job move as
#1 Security Intel isnt going anywhere
#2 less work He doenst have to worry about getting viewers etc
#3 More Freedom Less working and more flexible schedule

Why wouldnt you take that, he was capped salary wise at his old job unless he would sell out (he didnt ever) so it was the next logical move in his career.

Recent and going all the way back to what ever point in time you want. And this is not singling out Intel specifically either, all sort of companies have done things that are shady all the way to straight up illegal.

So I will wait and see but I will certainly not hold my breath as I will be long dead by then.

Not saying it is a bad move from a personal point of view but from the outside he can’t be trusted any more.

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Its not like he will be doing reviews, so what is there to trust?