Ryan Shrout Leaves PCPer for Intel

Title Says it All



Low effort? :smiley:


extra low effort.

however. IMO I think this is somewhat of a big deal considering Ryan Shrout is an excellent reviewer / benchmarker and who will be the next person to get big on PCPer… anymoar videos?


okay, okay, don’t shout at me

uhmm … nothing surprising and/or of much consequence?


it’s somewhat surprising… but let’s see how things go.

He has done consulting/evaluation work with his company shroutresearch so this is probably what he will do at Intel too. I don’t have much to discuss about that. I guess Intel is going to pay him well enough to make it worthwhile.

How so? What is your reaction? What do you think?

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I think it’s a big deal cause PCPer is that go to place if you want DEEP DEEP DEEP detailed reviews on certain products

Holy moly


Ken and allyn are the MVPs tho


I agree. My guess is, not a lot is going to change. I could be wrong though.

How’s it going Wendell? What are you up to currently?

I know. It will just feel weird now without Ryan. kinda how like Anand left Anandtech a while back

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And like when Anand left, we’ll get used to it.

That said, it’s definitely interesting. I’m very curious what he’s gonna be doing at Intel.

I didn’t really know that this was a logical career progression for a tech journalist to move to work for a major silicon manufacturer.

new phone… who dat?

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PCPer needs revival maneuvers

Such a shame they are two of the most boring ppl to watch. Please dont get hired by Intel. I don’t think my heart could take it.


I stopped watching when the whole shit broke about them somehow getting massive review samples while other reviewers at best got 1 unit. Conflict of interest and double dipping are not what I want when seeing PC equipment reviewed.


I’d be OK with this, if AMD would give Scott Wasson back to us. I learned a lot from that dude!

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well rip pcper lol

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Scott Wasson to AMD.
Ryan Shrout to Intel.

Cray cray, for those of us who’s been into GPU benchmarking for a while know these two have been pioneers. Pretty funny to see them end up with Intel and AMD.

Guess their work got recognized.

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OG Raja went to Intel as well. next we’re going to hear Lisa Su takes over Matrox and makes them great again

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