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Ryan Shrout Leaves PCPer for Intel



What are you on about?


Just my opinions.


So he will never write anything about the merits of Intel parts?


Thats not what his job seemed to be, he seemed like more of an advisory position but time will tell.


I would assume GPU driver related, we’ll find out soon enough.

Intel GPUs are gonna be interesting.


Yet you post on the level1 forums…


Yes forums of open discussion. I never said I don’t enjoy them or tech reporting in general and so far I have not been given reason to doubt L1s reporting but that is not to say I absorb every last thing I see and hear with out questioning it.


next update Bill Gates gets job at Intel


Oh noes he posted a bad review on a limited edition generally unavailable part.


I don’t remember what the debacle was about, but several months ago there was some shitup that caused the channel to be massively downvoted and his twitter was bombarded. I thought the channel would be dead after that, but they seem to have recovered just fine. But after all that, I’d probably be eager to get out of the Youtube channel review biz and work for a company who could actually look after me. Plus, judging this thread, he was already shilling for $Evil_Company anyway, so why not get paid more for it?



And a follow-up:


Oh god adoredTV everyone run.


I’ve raged at several PCPER shows. The bias was open for a long time.
Ryan tubing his way to intel is fine. He wants to be a drone. Good luck.


Low effort post :stuck_out_tongue:


Low effort AdoredTV


Good thing this thread has nothing to do with Adored TV


Damn straight


@Goblin didn’t remember what the debacle was about… so I gave him the information. If you want to give him more information from a source you find acceptable or put forth the entire story then by all means, go for it. If you don’t like the source provided, so be it, improve things, make them better.


I was pretty sure it was AMD related but wasn’t sure of the details nor did I want to derail the thread, but thanks.

I hope Ryan likes his new job and is paid well. The not having everyone troll you for supporting a company thing would be a pretty big bonus imo.


With out Ryan, Allyn is going to present a 4 hour lecture on how the new optain drive works as a podcast.