Radeon and Tesla in one PC

Recently I’ve purchased Tesla P4 to kick off some ML. I have to admit it’s one cheap little monster card :slight_smile:
Simple 80mm fan can keep it under cooking temp easily and works like a charm for small scale machine learning.
I have unlocked all features by installing grid driver on it and it works amazingly well:

There is one tiny issue - Nvidia panel is saying that windows os is in charge of assinging GPU to tasks but when i open win10 settings there is no Nvidia gpu to choose from at all:


i can still use it if program is allowing me to pick Tesla from list like 3dmark but if there is no option default is always what windows choose.

Please see my Tesla mega thread


Will do thanks mate.

If you run into any snags post there someone is always willing to help, good luck.

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Win11 lets you choose the card individually, this might be an option.

If you don´t want the card for gaming (you have the AMD already…so…) and just for computing on CUDA, you actually dont need to switch anyhting, since the Card wont be adressed by the windows driver, but via CUDA:

May I ask what exactly you want to use it for?

I had similar scenarios with M40s and AMD Cards. Tampering with the registry like in the linked thread sometimes worked, sometimes not… Deleting all drivers and installing the headless GPU first (either remote or with the basic display adapter working) worked better in my cases… With WIN11, its super easy…

See my post here should help get you going
Below are screenshots of my Tesla P40 set up the same way same driver.
Edit: See this post for different ways to set up with different type display out cards.


I have read whole suggested mega thread and all I did was to switch EnableMsHybrid=2 to make it appear as low power card. Than I was able to assign this card to specific tasks in windows and it works perfectly fine.

I have used cover to keep the air tunnels, cut in half than bend it to hold fan (i have used 70mm fan from some sff dell PSU. It was only 2 pin fan but relatively thin and kindof quiet so wasn’t a problem. Now my tesla runs 26degr in idle and like 65 max in most demanding tasks. Since it’s fully unlocked I have started to use it for encoding video and ML. Even though people don’t recommend it I was able to stream on OBS on P4 playing on my Radeon - madness but footage looks crisp.

Yes, when using the grid driver it is a little less needing to be done to get it working as a pick as High Performance card but that can depend a good deal on what is being used as the display out card or passthrough card as some call it. I’ve even had the grid driver set things correctly without needing any mods but then again it came down to the passthrough card and driver version used.

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Yeah the Radeon cards tend to be a little more of pain to use for passthrough over Nvidia and Nvidia or igpu but it does with with Radeon just can be a little more fussy

Hmm, just about every AMD card I’ve tried has had the reset bug. My old Vega, my new 6700, I think even my old Fury pulled that crap. The VM will boot once fine, but then the whole damned host needs a reboot to reset the stupid card. Why is this still a thing? Is this AMD’s answer to Nvidia’s Code 43 error?