Post Your Ride Thread (Custom Cars Only)

This is my beast. 1991 Nissan Safari Parked up in Lake Wanaka near Queenstown, NZ.

The powerplant, TD42, 4.2 litre straight six diesel, probably the strongest engine Nissan ever built (@MisteryAngel ). Gave her a turbo for Xmas. Lots more torque. Short intake, no intercooler plus a 3" inch straight through exhaust ensures smooth air flow. This allows it to start boosting at around 1000rpm, maxes out at 17psi. However the wastegate is welded shut, so the boost can be increased by turning the fuel screw on the fuel pump (which I haven't touched yet). It sounds like the fucking sex with no muffler cos all you can hear is turbo whistle. Took me and my mate 10 days to do the turbo install, I wish I could show you the exhaust job he did, it is incredible.

Got the gauges (hoarily) mounted so I don't melt my engine (from left, Boost, Oil pressure, EGT). Along with custom army dude.

4" exhaust jammed out the guard, rat rod (read: lazy) styles:

These are my custom bullbars that I got for free and made some custom mounts to fit to the winch cradle. The winch is a PTO winch (which means it's driven from the gearbox), works pretty good, rated to 7500lbs which is not as high as I would like. I also got some synthetic kevlar rope because I kept snapping the wire rope that I had before. Also got the lightbar for good night vis, and the number is held on with zip ties for trespassing in forest parks/bombing ranges (the rear plate has finger tight bolts).

Also built a bed in it for camping and road trips:

She's a bit of a slug, but gets the job done. At first I thought it was fucking ugly with that high roof, but she's grown on me. She's taken me and my girlfriend some pretty cool places off the beaten track. Probably owes me around $6000NZD all up, $4200 for the truck, $1300 for the turbo install, $500 for the winch plus other bits and bobs.

I call her Sally.

Next job to do is build an external rollcage Jurassic Park styles. You never know when you'll encounter a TRex and I want to be able to sit on the roof (on the cage) and drink while looking over awesome alpine views.


I plan to build a drifter out of a Nisan Silvia in a few years if I can get my hands on one. I know BMW E38's are slightly better but I know how to slide in a silvia :P

I should probably get those plans together some time soon...

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I always found my S14 Silvia too twitchy to drift (but I suck). I found I had much better luck in my Toyota Hilux (despite having a 2in suspension lift). Also my 94 Toyota Hiace was easy as to drift. Even my Safari above is piss easy to drift. Although when I say drift I'm talking about hitting corners with a compression slide on the back country gravel roads... and I have never linked drifts together, not skilled enough for that, but definitely get it hangin.

My mate also had a diesel 94 Hiace and when it was wet he could effortlessly drift on the asphalt and he was skilled enough to link drifts (in traffic no less!). One time he was drifiting round these double lane dual roundabouts just before rush hour, and that was before he turbo'd it. With a turbo and the fuel turned up it was an absolute beast.

Cetane motorsport FTW. Every man and his dog drifts Silvias dude... why don't you try something different that will make people go WHAT. THE. FUCK. WAS THAT?

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Getting the Safari ready for snowfall this winter?

Silvias are good for it dude :P Why use two hammers as a wrench when you have a set of wrenches?

(Also I can drift a blazer just ok, so I can pull a wtf if I need to)

I wish I lived somewhere with snow :( the ultimate goal is to move somewhere cold... or maybe I could drive back to the South Island for winter camping.

Haha, nice!

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Oh, so you live at a place where it doesn't snow like Queenstown?

Yea it snows in Queenstown but I'm in the North Island where it only snows on Mountains (all 3 of them).

I drifted my 4.7 Cherokee a few times, passangers were totally: how? wtf :D I'm used to driving my silvia...

New: Nissan Silva S14 Qs Aero Selection Kouki bone stock.

Not modded, I know, but It's coming.

Bonus pic of my old daily, now missile. S14 Ks Zenki.

The idea is the Kouki will be the clean queen and the Zenki will be the dirty drift bitch. We'll see how well my lack of finances allow that to happen.


My Trailblazer SS

Vid 1
Vid 2

It's not a trail blazer, it's a blazer. Get it right. I have one.

No he had it right, this is a Blazer


Shhh. The blazer soul lives on in the trail blazer.

It's a joke dude.

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Ah dammit, was a nice ride though, lol

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My 3.0 VR6 Corrado


I´m not a huge fan of VAG cars.
But your Corrado is in a very good nick.
Nice work! ☺