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Post your battle stations!


Thank you, I appreciate the info.
Have you previously mounted the radiator on the top? If so, how does the new mounted position compare? Any significant change in HDD temps? I ask because my Toshibas will have no problem hitting +50c in the summer, unless I keep a fan in front of them.


No, I have not tried it in any other configuration. Also, I have no idea how high the HDD temps get. I do know that my CPU temps are always between 29 and 35 degrees C, so the HDD temps cant be that high. Another thing I have tried to pay attention to is the temp ranges on the GPU and unless I am running a game that has a very high graphics load - Metro 2033, Battlefield and so on, the GPU fans never come on. I would like to add that I am also playing games at 3440x1440 which should push the GPU pretty hard.


My Battle Station


What's the case? Anidees? Rosewill? Could it be?


It says Anidees in the description.


Description? Oh, in the imgur... Well, Anidees was only teasing the white Crystal...It's not just out, but it also looks AMAZING...


It've been a while since I posted here. No a lot of change but here what it is.


Well I hang out in a warehouse most of the time so:



Needs a mini fridge stocked with beer. and a full liquor supply on top


Needs more Vert.


Lol I need to add a couple more pics of our nerdcave: minifridge ofc, everyday is beer day. Also a bunch of old arcade machines and pinballs, jukeboxes, computer gear, servers and just plain electronics garbage.
The place to be lol.


that looks pretty Wendell inspired


what is that monitor and why are there no bezels, I need it


This guy gets it :D


Does that mean you cleaned things up just for the picture?


This guy also gets it :D


It's the Dell s2715h, was at a discount when I bought it one year ago and glossy as i like them (don't judge me). The only downside of that monitor is to don't have height adjustment.

Well Beru-sama is pretty interesting in the upcoming game of 4 goddesses online ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) But the top is still occupied by Nep, Nepgear and Noire.


nevermind, I have 3 glass paneled screens and the glare is unbearable, thanks tho


This guy has too many under-age girls on display. Somebody call the Anti-social police department and get him arrested.


Then you'll want the u2715h. Significantly more expensive, however..