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Post your battle stations!


yeesh no kidding


If you dont mind a smaller monitor, the 24" versions do go on sale from time to time..
Bought two refurb u2414h's a couple of years ago for ~$200 from the dell outlet store and am very happy with them; the stand has 4-axis articulation too


Someone like Hyperneptunia.


needs more desk space.



I think I just came


Enjoy my bathroom then. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


O_O How the hell do you thoroughly process any of the information on those screens with so many of them going at once?

I have little reason to believe that's a bathroom.


I see a towel.


I don't see a towel. All I see is a poorly color temperature-balanced photo and something that appears to be a beach chair.

Oh wait, that is a towel. Still don't believe that's a bathroom. Also, how would his gear deal with all the moisture in there when showering?


The wall art is definitely something you would put on a bathroom.

Or maybe @GendoIkari also shits in his room with a shitbucket?


Maybe it's a half bath, just a toilet and sink, no shower. The productivity pooper.


maybe he plays battlefield


Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!! ^o^ Now there's an oxymoron.


Ever heared of waterproof PCs?


Why do you have all dem screens with streams? You a mod on all of them?

Or is it just a brag pic and not a normal day?


hey, it could be a case that's a massive heatsink and you just dunk it in the water :3


Finally made space in the carriage house to start setting back up since I started renting my office to my sister. Things will improve.


Glad someone got the reference.


Placeholder for mine. 😎😎

It's very ugly right now, but soon.