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Post your battle stations!



This… this isn’t a battlestation, it’s a warzone! :joy:


23 years old, newly married. She just couldnt say no to my PIMP synergy setup. As I recall the left computer was a P3 generation Celeron with 256MB of RAM running a STRIPPED TO THE BONES debian etch install, and the right one was a Sempron 2600+ with 512MB of RAM and a GeForce 4200Ti and Windows XP.

You’ll also notice to the right of the PC there’s 2 [white van] tower speakers with an old Dual Socket Penguin Computing server on top. Santa Ana Opterons and like 4GB of Memory as I recall. We legit had the LOUDEST living room in the world, but we had a NAS and a LAN gaming server.

Then you never know when you’re going to need a flatbed scanner…or exactly how many PC speakers is too many.

You can definitely tell where the priorities were at that time in our lives, because we didnt own living room furniture…just desks…and the only other pieces of furniture were a stand for the TV, our computer chairs and a bed.


Is that PBR?


Sir, I say you have insulted my honor. That there is a budweiser sir. The king of beers.


Ah, apologies. The labels look quite similar.

Glad to hear you’ve got good taste.


Ohhhh Reese’s Puffs.

I’m jealous. I didn’t go multi-monitor until 2011. I didn’t go multi-tower until ~2015/2016 :wink:




One of them tastes like you poured one of those pepper packets you get with plastic forks and knives into it…the other tastes like water. I’d rather have water beer than pepper beer.

That having been said…when you’re 23 and broke AF…you drink whatever’s cheap, and the grocery store by me upcharged on PBR.


Or when you’re already drunk enough that you can’t taste it.


Heyo! That was my mantra for about a decade :grimacing:


My mom always used to say, don’t break out the shit wine until after the third bottle of the good stuff.

Then she got to her 50s and decided that drinking that much is probably going to send her off a bit early.


I’VE USED TOO MANY LIKES! But! Relevant. From my company’s Slack (this is my entry :grin:)


haha yeah, that’s accurate.


new speakers and controller
laptop is dell m6800, processor is 4930mx, and i put a 980m 8gb card in it now instead of the old quadro it had


The Ultimate Lounge Station™

BTW, I will be getting the Asus monitor tomorrow. And I might abandon the 4 monitor setup for now, because of heat and power consumption issues, the issue with even finding a way to build a custom mount; not that I can’t do it but how feasible will it be and just that I am a hobbo and a hoarder. So once the Asus comes in, I think one of my Dell U2711s will go.

And did a major rearrangement of the desk, now the cables are much more organised and with the relocation of the receiver, I now got a wider desk space, so no more troubles with the studies next year.


Is that on the speaker a Nixie clock?


Yep it is lol


Nice! :smile:



Finally got around to installing MTP so I could upload stuff from my phone. . . priorities!