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Post your battle stations!



Sexy. A. F.

What do you use it for?


man FUCK YOU haha where is that!


It’s my own personal Skunkworks (Jayztwocents’ just because build).
I’ve split off most of the tasks I used to do with it to other machines about 6 months into the 1950X version, so I could have gotten away w/ just using my 2700X or 8700K builds. That’s no fun though. I’ll keep up with Threadripper until the upgrade path is dead.
To answer the question though: Lightroom Classic CC, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, VMs, deep learning experiments, infrequent gaming, etc…

To quote myself from another thread.


Your mind has been rotted out by anime


Montana. It’s not quite as nice as it seems, though, because everything is now covered with snow in the middle of October lol


You do a lot of snow sports?


I ski, but I’m supposedly here for grad school.


@reikoshea Not a call out just want to see :grin: Never saw the pics the other day (just your laptop, which was :ok_hand:)


Quick question.

For the guys who have monitors above their main display, what method do all of you use? I am about to pick up an Asus PA279Q that I’ll be using it as my main display and I was thinking of mounting my current main one, the Dell U2711, above the Asus.


It’s twitchcon this weekend, and solo dad has no time to clean his desk while his other half is partying in San Jose. Hopefully on Monday I’ll have time and post it up.


I ran a setup like this for two years, with one 21:9 above another. I found the best way was to have an arm for the top one, and put the bottom display on the OEM stand that came with the monitor.

I can dig up a pic or specs if there’s interest, but the monitors were old and small. I don’t recommend their exact model, but the setup was nice.


It’s all good, a picture of the setup should give me the rough idea of how you had it done.


I wouldn’t call my desk clean, but with how little light is in my office, I guess it’ll do for this purpose.

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980 Will be replaced next week with my wife’s 980Ti when I order her a 2080 (unless I find a reasonably priced 1080Ti). The 2080 will be mine when/if 2080 Ti’s ever hit MSRP or lower.

TR4 build will be happening in the near future. Might need to buy a new(ish) car first, so we’ll see on that timeline.


This is the old setup with 2x 21:9’s. The bottom monitor is on the stock stand, and the top is on an ergo arm (some cheapass one I got from Fry’s).

The vertical monitor was shortlived. Due to its age, it burned the background in like 2 months. These days my station is just a single 34" 21:9 with a desktop tucked under the desk.


not exactly a new system but good place to jam to metalica while doing forensic work.2018-10-29-143513
Yes thats a real cap and ball pistol hangin with my logic probe and mini oscope
oh and the antique multimeter i restored.


How tall was the stand? I’d imagine it was a bit of a stretch to get it clear the bottom monitor.


It was an arm anchored to a post, similar to this one.

The monitors were LG 5UM56-P, so pretty small at only a 25" diagonal. I certainly liked being able to have four main “tiles” at any given point, but if I’ll be honest the top one would only really get used as a Spotify display and an irc client.


Ah, I see. I knew someone who did that too, and it looked good as well

inb4 @FlameSilver says, stop stealing my pics

I would do that but the thing is though is that as I have a monitor stand I built myself, I wouldn’t be able to mount that to it, otherwise the whole thing could tip over due to the height and weight. At the same time, I do like having the stand as that way I can store my headphone-turned receiver and other stuff underneath without sacrificing the space, and having the elevated height so that I don’t have to huddle down too much.


That monitor arm was initially used for a tv, so it carries a bit of weight. only reason I don’t have it on the wall is cause I’m in a rental atm, but the monitor is only a 19" thats on there atm


My desk from 2009. I was crawling my way up from the bottom folks. CRTs and Sempron 2600s…