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Post your battle stations!



what mount did you use for the top monitor?


This one. It was a lot cheaper when I bought it though.


I’m still working on it, but it works quite well.


Ohhh nice!

Specs? Looks like KDE with Latte-Dock?


How the f did you get Spotify working on there? Or am I just working on dated knowledge?


Do throw house parties with those speakers?


Those speakers that are on the floor. Are those 3 way PA speakers?

Do you use them to listen to music while you are sitting at the desk? If so. How do they sound with you listening that close to them


I’m lazy so i’m just running Mint with the Cinnamon DE and Docky.
The simplified specs are ; AMD Threadripper 1950X, 32GB of ram and a Sappire Radeon R9 390X Tri-X ( Which i can’t get to run at full performance for some reason ).

And Spotify has actually worked quite well on the Linux distros i’ve tried the last 3-4 years actually, so your knowledge is probably dated on that.
I did have some issues getting Spotify to play well with my Asus Xonar Essence STX in the beginning, but that seems to be completely sorted out now.


Wow, the similarities are uncanny.

Cot Dayum, juicy af.

Have you tried the AMD drivers?

Interesting, I will give it another go. The web player sucks most days.


They’re a set of JBL LX55G’s i got used for 50 bucks, pretty good if you ignore the fact that the tweeters die constantly.

They don’t sound too bad when i’m sitting at the desk, but i mostly use them for background noise since i’ve got a better Hi-Fi setup in the livingroom.
But when placed correctly they’re surprisingly detailed and tight if not a bit harsh because of the titanium dome tweeters.


1 - Yeah, it’s a pretty simple setup that just works as long i don’t try to put my HDD’s on the dock.

2 - I do run the AMD drivers now, but if i remember correctly the card just refuses to automatically change the power states depending on load. ( It’s been a while since i’ve checked though.

3 - Do that, i’ve got 3 machines that’s running the same mint configuration where Spotify works like a charm, it’s a million times better than the web player or even smartphone player.


I’ve tried, but the computerroom is a bit small for that sadly.


Yeah, spotify has Linux builds now. It’s in the RPMFusion and negativo17 repositories for Fedora, I think debian based systems have a PPA for it.

I kicked the web player as soon as support for it was native. (well, it’s electron, so “native”)


What LianLi case is that? They are all clean af, but still, which one is this one?


It’s a Lian li A71FB if i remember correctly, it’s still one of the best cases i’ve ever seen.
EDIT: I’m talking about design here, but cooling is amazing, a maximum of 65C under full load on both a 1950X and a overclocked R9 390X.


So the gpu in the laptop I got burnt out, so I returned it and went back and got a switch instead cause I got fed up with PC gaming, also changed my pi case to a megapi from retroflag
That’s my old t61p laptop as well that I use just for printing stuff lol


Reorganized my workstation. Can’t remember if I posted my system’s in this thread.
Main PC: Ryzen 7 1700X;32GB RAM;2 250GB SSDs one with Windows 10 and one with ElementaryOS Juno;RX 580 8GB and 2 2TB HD’s for DATA and backup.
Secondary: Ryzen 7 1700 Pro;16GB RAM;512GB M.2 960 Pro with Windows 10 Pro.
My two laptops are a Thinkpad X220 and X61.
All my PPC Macs are for giving love to TenFourFox development every once in awhile.


that macbook is thiccc


That’s because it’s not a MacBook. It’s a PowerBook G4.


I really thought you’d see through the obvious provocation lol


I did. :slight_smile: