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Post your battle stations!



no its the guest rig.

this is my shitposting machine:



Well, if you have to take a Crapple you may aswell do it in hipster style.


i hope that’s a sand blasted aluminum crapper




Space Gray



Here’s my tower. Wasn’t able to get a good pic of the rest at the time, but I run an overclocked 3770k with an R9 390 and 290 in crossfire with 32 gigs of overclocked ram :slight_smile:


None of the colors really match but its sure a beast of a machine. First post, be gentle.


First post, be gentle.


Jokes aside -
Glad to see a fellow AMD user. Would be nice if you posted a spec list.


Welcome. Don’t worry, we use lubricant…


…do we tho?

@daisycutter is that a 2700x & wraith cooler?


Shhh… Let him feel comfortable before we check his cavities the uncomfortable way…


That Senna print is awesome…

I’m a huge F1 fan, good to see some likeminded people here.

EDIT: yes i know its an old post, I was doing lots of scrolling


My work battlestation got some serious upgrades.


Do I see an Acer chromebook?

What do you use it for?


Managing the Chromebook fleet. And goofing off with all the new stuff in ChromeOS. Considering buying a PixelBook for myself.


Yes, you are correct.


Ryzen 2700x with Wraith Cooler
Asus Prime Pro X470 mobo
32 GB Trident [email protected] 3200
GTX 1070 Founders Card


I wonder: Do you OC the 2700x? How high can you push it? Does it run stable? Do you have a use case with a bunch of vms?


When I first got the CPU a few months ago I was trying some overclocking and had gotten it to run at 4 GHz @ 1.35 volts, and stress tested it over night with Prime95 and it made it through but the temps were just shy of 80 C, and I just didn’t trust that in the long run.

I need this processor to last a while, and I really don’t have many usecases where that extra speed would make a huge difference. So I reset to factory, and it hasn’t disappointed at all. I have an AIO sitting around that I have been thinking about ordering an AM4 bracket for, but just haven’t gotten to it.


If your workloads can use it I would go for it. I have an AIO on my 1700 and I love the extra clock speed I can get out of it.