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Post your battle stations!



I can only use the apple ones, prefer the old model.
Have yet to find any other that will not hurt my ear.


Just the tips?

I’m the opposite. I don’t know how something can bother me so badly so quickly. It’s like instant pain response to those specifically. Maybe they’ve gotten better but I couldn’t have them in for ten minutes a few years ago.


I guess it’s cause they don’t go into the ear canals, those rubber tip and foam ones wreck my ears.


I like normal ear buds but usually audio is just mehh on them


Just upgraded the ergonomics on my setup



Sure thing, it might have to wait until I get home, but I’ll see if I have them on my phone (insurance purposes).

The one in the middle is PG278QR is 99% sure. All the specs match what I have.

I’ll have to grab the other two when I get home.


Thank you! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Two different models in the 24"



An upholstered toilet seat must be a nightmare to clean.


not if you don’t get up from it


I really enjoyed the industrial design of Apple stuff from that era. That Apple Extended II keyboard with Alps switches was a real pleasure to type on.


yeah, i was more a fan of the captive spring design but they really were nice


got a new monitor


Asus pg348q


Moved some things and got a new mic and stand


A sentence I have said an annoying amount of times now but, my portable PC is finally finished.* Last part was sticker bombing its box. I do need to do a full write up, I started a long time ago with more ideas than parts or money and that topic is long since dead and buried. So I need to finally get into using for its intended purpose and show off the results.**




*there are still ideal upgrades but those are a luxury.
**time period not specified, assume never.

Edit: in its final form ready for battle.


dont mind me just upgrading the guest rigtoilet%20pc


Check out the plumbing on that bad boy


Should have set up the bowl to be a rez and did a custom loop


what do you think that corsair pump is hooked up to


Is that what you do all your shitposting on.