Post your battle stations!

Very nice! How many PCs/VMs are we looking at? Mind sharing specs for the PC(s)?

Sure man! In that picture all that is running off my battlestation. I think at the time it was an i7 4790k, GTX 970, 16GB RAM, Debian Stretch. 3 1080p monitors and 1 1440 144hz monitor.

I’ve since upgraded to the 1080Ti and built a second workstation with a 1800X Ryzen. Right now, the “better” of the 1080p monitors and the 1440p monitor are connected to my Intel box and the other two 1080p monitors are connected to the Ryzen box.

Ryzen box is 32GB of RAM, 1800X, and the GTX 970.

I use the Intel rig for gaming, recording, and “work” related development. The Ryzen box is for Unix R&D, hacking, testing, and other things where memory gets out of control lol.

Off screen (currently and in that picture), I have a Dell T410 with KVM setup. I have a few VMs for development and networking related tasks. It’s almost fully automated, I just tweak a script and run it and in 2 minutes I have a fresh VM I can ssh into. I pull another script and the kernel and OS is full up to date and rebooted’d.

You can read more about how I set that up here:


Laravel/PHP stack test (my portfolio)
Laravel/PHP stack prod

MEN stack test (my podcast site)
MEN stack prod

Django site (Mostly for learning, I’ve since moved on though lol)

Two MongoDB Servers for testing and seeding locally.

MS SQL Server VM


DHCP server
File server
File server (backup)
Annnnd… I think that’s it.


Finally straightened my stuff out today. I wish I could get rid of the school work and I need to work on cable management, but other than that I’m content for now. Some day I might get a real desk. This table just works so well because it’s huge and cheap. Once I have my own family room, the consoles will go in their own area with the TV, I’ll have a bigger TV, and I’m going to have a smaller (normal size) desk and triple monitor setup.

Switched back to my Blackwidow V2 for now. Once my Planck comes in and I get it put together I’ll be using it instead. I miss having the extra desk space, but I don’t miss the MX Blues that were in my Pok3r.


I have that same monitor on the left. It’s so awful, but I love it for servers and whatnot.

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Ya haha, it’s definitely only a secondary monitor. I use it for emails, chat windows for Steam, progress bars for big file transfers, etc. Sometimes I’ll use it to play a movie while I’m playing a game, but not actively watching a movie.

When I go to work and all I have is my 13" MacBook Pro, I definitely miss having a second monitor.

It’s somewhat reminiscent of my old setup. This is from after I graduated but was waiting to leave for boot camp, like 2009. I got an upgraded Dell Studio 17 for my graduation present. I played SOOOOOO much CS:S and WoW and had either the first Harry Potter movie or the South Park movie playing in the background constantly. Of course, since it’s only a TV with a VCR built in I couldn’t use it as a monitor, but it was still nice to have. I only worked like 4 hours a week and my parents didn’t ever bug me to do anything because I was about to join the navy. Those were the days.



Dude, that CRT would work so well for NES lightgun games cause it’s a curved CRT. Retro gamers are seeking those right now.

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I’d post mine but can’t for 3 reasons:

  1. Too fucking messy after I dropped a nuke multiple times

  2. Nothing much changed (sort of)

  3. At work

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I still reign supreme


No vote for you.

No empty bottles.

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Junk yes, trash no.

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I’m pretty sure I still have it laying around somewhere. I know for a fact it was still here when I moved back in.

at least rotate your screen, dang

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Work in progress…

Though prominently featured, the Macbook Air is not the primary system (it’s off actually).


I like your keyboard :slight_smile:

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It’s a workhorse.

I have one of these ordered, but it’ll probably come in much later this year.

Oooooh. I like the F62 model.

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Cat? :ballot_box_with_check:
Aesthetically pleasing? :ballot_box_with_check:
GNU/Linux? :ballot_box_with_check: :ballot_box_with_check:
Cold beverage? :beers:

1337 Master Race? :desktop_computer::computer_mouse::sunglasses:


Show da rig yo

It’s the result of this:

Once it’s finished, I’ll post a complete breakdown of everything.