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Post your battle stations!








(Nice to see a fellow Paul’s Hardware watcher)





I had something similar. At one point i put ice-pack or blue gel that was in the freezer on the exposed GPU to keep it cool. And it actually helped.



I’ve been out sick since yesterday. I usually do my spring cleaning whenever I’m sick so I don’t have to worry about it when I’m in the mood to go out and do things.

Cleaned up the area around my closet yesterday. Got rid of a bunch of old boxes that I’ll never use. My goal today is to get this looking decent again.


Please tell me you have all Tamriel province’s maps on the wall… Also, How dare you put stuff on top of this perfect case (To V21)? And last but not least, where did you get this sata cable with the white connector? I can’t find those and they look smashing for black and white build…



I have all five, plus two extra textured Skyrim maps that are being kept in a safe place. I want to frame them some day.

It is a V21, and it’s perfect for putting things on top of :laughing:. When I first got it I was worried about scratching the clear part, but a damn fly landing on it would scratch it, so I don’t worry about it any more. Once I get everything sorted out, I won’t have anything on top of it any more though, just because it would look nicer.

I don’t remember :frowning: . It’s an Asus cable for sure (says it on the connector). My best guess would be it came with my ROG Maximus VIII Hero when I had an ATX setup. I can’t remember anything else I’ve bought from Asus other than my gaming laptop, but that wouldn’t have came with SATA cables.

Just took a quick shot with my macro lens. Not sure if this helps. I did a quick search and didn’t find anything, but it’s gotta be out there somewhere.


Forget if I posted my updated area… don’t see anything recent by me eh…


Windows in basic mode? Is that because of overclocking or something or?..


For my PC’s aethstetic


filthy hipster

Really though, looks awesome


But where is that nicotine yellow astetic at?
(Seriously that looks good.)


Here’s mine:


Is that the L1T KVM switch?


It is :smiley:


Dude, that’s awesome! How is it? I think they’re still sold out :frowning: