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Post your battle stations!



Possibly, that has to be a good 6 or 7 years old now, from an old MAX Power car magazine. I really want to paint the walls and have it all fresh. Eventually.


I didn’t even notice that one… was trying to figure out who the kid in the poster behind the monitor was. :grimacing:


All good, I just feel obligated to suggest cleaning whenever someone posts something like that.

Mine isn’t very clean either though.

EDIT: I just realized how bad the cable management under my desk is. I’m going to have to deal with that today.


It is way better than mine. But i will get a recovery picture once it goes through it transformation.


true 2 player status at my place.

1500x, asrock b350, 8gb 2800 gskill, wd 250gb nvme, crucial 525gb ssd, evga 500 bronze, msi gtx 1080, cm silencio 352 with cm masterliquid 240 and all fans are silencio 120mm pwm, 8000dpi mouse and corsair k65, Panasonic 55" 4k on 27gbps cable, blu ray.

1600x, msi b350 mortar, 16gb 3000 lpx, Samsung 250 nvme, wd 500gb ssd, aerocool 850 bronze, msi gtx 1080, corsair carbide 88r with cm masterliquid 240 and 3 silencio fans plus 2x corsair grey fin, all 120mm pwm, corsair m30 and k70, steel series headset, Philips 40" 4k on 27gbps cable. dvd drive.

all fully networked with cat6 with a custom built desk, gaming chair and I also have a g920 sim rig which can be used on either set up


Very nice.


Damn, that’s a nice setup. :smiley:


LOL this is my favourite bit though. lg 42" 1080p tv on the roof with an android box to power it…

Yes it meant getting a socket in the loft with a spur switch behind the tv to turn on the sockets.
Yea I had to re engineer a wall mount bracket and cross brace the roof beams.
Yeah it was totally worth it


I have wanted that for ages but am terrified of it killing me. As such I would love a projector to do this.


Check the mount once a month? Also, buy a really good mount.


normal large screen wall mount fitted upside down to the tv so bottom swings instead of the top. as a result you have to beef up the bracket with a few spots of weld here and there and weld on captive nuts where the lock screws go and run bolts.
3x2 timber run opposing to the roof beams inside the loft to spread the weight and mount the wall part of the bracket through it all with threaded rod cut to length.

Electrical done by a contractor to my specification

To be fair I can do pull ups on the frame and have done. the tv actually weighs about as much as my cat


A man after my own heart. I’ve wanted to do this, but it’s just too risky for me. Maybe one of those ultra-thin tvs. The wallpaper meme ones that Linus has been shilling?


Got a new desk so its now as clean as it will ever be. Still need to figure out cable management though.


Not bad. I kinda wish I could put my case on my desk, but I overestimated the desk size when ordering.


Too close to home, buddy…


One quick tidy, not a clean, later…


we used to have a “in the current state” thread like this back when people cleaned there battlestations up for this thread and they could schlep there but thats hell and gone multiple years ago


I MIGHT have an update to my mac desk soon… SOONTM

Never fucking mind this is going to my main desk this is TOO GOOD BRUH

Edit: Right so I’m too tired to make the changes right now, but I recently got an Apple Cinema Display (A1267, 1920X1200) and OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IS IT GUD. I had to open it up and reseat the cables but ITS SO GUD OMG. I’m debating having it as the screen on my linux machine or putting it with my mac pro that it doesn’t match :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ll love this @sgtawesomesauce


Finally everything is tidy, the cable management is done and the battlestation is ready for some hard work :grinning: