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Post your battle stations!



What do you need the acoustic treatment for? Do you stream and pick up unwanted noise?


Beyerdynamic T something?
3x Schiit and what’s on the far left side? (under the headphones)


With some dank pussy I see.


That keyboard makes me want to play 3D Pinball Space Cadet, and that’s not a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a pair of Beyerdynamic T1 v2s and a Beyerdynamic A20 amp fed by a Schiit Eitr and Modi Multibit dac. Asgard 2 is running off the bypass outs from the A20 for lower impedance headphones.


The room has hollow interior walls and a terrible echo. Add in a mechanical keyboard and an air purifier and it can interfer with a mic and open headphones. Honestly the foam made more of a difference than I thought it would. There is another panel on the wall behind me.


That’s some expensive taste you got.

What’s the point of the Eitr?


Galvanic isolation from my pc, plus the Gen 5 usb makes a difference.


Subnautica running on a GTX 1080 on the left at 4K via DSR and Windows 8.1, and Rocket League running 1080p via a GTX 1060 on the right on Fedora 27 (the host OS). I got Fedora 27 passthrough working. It took all day to install everything.

Total power usage from the wall with a 6-core overclocked to 4.6Ghz: 650W.



Lvl Up!


Damn, that’s a lot of stuff in a small space.


Yeah its… cozy. it needs a tidy for sure but I do generally have a lot of stuff on my desk at any one time.


huh, an on desk bottle cap collection to rival my own


I don’t know how you do anything on that desk. You need to gain more levels.


I don’t want to be your mom, but clean your room. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I do it, it makes me feel so much better and I can be more productive.


Does this include tearing down the poster of the sexually suggestive blonde woman?


That is only the nice on display box. Fits 3x3 when in order, but that is only about a third of my caps.


If it’s torn down, please mail it to me. PMing you my address. :upside_down_face:


I know I know, Getting there, trust me it is a lot better overall (read; off camera). SOON™.