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Post your battle stations!









Make a table top out of them


I’m really digging that blonde in black underwear. You have a good taste.


I can’t even tell where the mount is. Nice work on the concealment.


Thanks! Actually it’s hidden behind the phone , it’s one of those poles with the arms attached to the joint, relatively cheap on Amazon but very sturdy.
And the 17" is on a small table behind the desk with one of the original stands of the bigger monitors (because it looks better) :grin:


Well, today I got my second monitor… Cleaned my table, put it in order and then… Then I realized I don’t have a DVI cable to plug it in. So…


My face hurts help.


I still haven’t posted mine.

Ethernet over power.

Ultimate Ear speaker.


I don’t know why the pictures are so grainy. Perhaps the light was too weak.


Your camera has poor low light ISO ?


Small sensor (phone probably) + not enough light + auto settings -> high ISO


a) manual settings + tripod
b) bigger sensor
c) faster lens
d) more light


Damn. Everything is spot on. Are you a detective?


… … uhm … … … let’s say … no … ?


No, he’s a photographer.


In all seriousness I actually wanted to have additional SATA ports in addition to the 8x on the motherboard. I wanted 2x SATA SSDs that I could do a simple mirror in FreeNAS and create a dedicated pool for VMs and jails. I ended up buying a single 512GB SM961 to save on costs. It was more pricey to buy an additional PCI SATA controller w/ 2x 850 EVO 512GB drives than to buy a single NVMe of the same size. I also found out that PCI-E SATA expansion cards are a real risk, FreeNAS isn’t too fond of them and a RAID card is actually discouraged by iXsystems.


Get a SAS HBA. A 2 port SAS card will yield you another 8 Sata capable connections. Plus they can be had for cheap. $80 to $100. I’ve been using LSI 9211’s in my server for a while now and they don’t skip a beat.


thanks for the advice! this is the kind of card I’ve been looking for that isn’t going to make me feel nervous installing it into my FreeNAS box. I’ve really wanted to be able to add a few more drives in the future


Freenas does expect hardware access to drives so when virtualized HD access can corrupt data. My battle station is also my NAS as in I dont have a spare machine and the need to slow down access to network speed.
I run linux so picked BTRFS and have 6 random drives in raid 1. Its fast enough I game off the drives with steam and well streaming video is trivel.


Well this is unnecessary.

But why not?

1440x2560 on sides. 4k in middle, 1080p on top.