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Post your battle stations!



well man has always created things in imitation of nature, planes, submarines, flying robo bats, boob mouse pads…


I can attest that boobs are very comfortable to rest your hands on, so I can see the logic behind them.


Mankind’s greatest achievement so far.


Awww, yeah. Time for my final update (until I build the new rig, Q2 or Q3 2018).

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Beautiful setup.


Thanks! It’s been a great rig. But, I think the time has come to retire her as a backup/secondary workstation. I want to do another Ryzen build and check out VEGA.

This isn’t the Ryzen, my wife uses that one. This is a i7 4790k. Been a great processor, but I would like to do some 8 core work that’s not on a server.

If I can hide the bill, I may just go Threadripper. Been mad jealous of the rigs I’ve seen on here :slight_smile:


jbl lsr305


Not your imagination


Ooohhh… Shiny.

I Yike It Ayot!




Only if you use nvidia :slight_smile: Amd it is gravy.




How’s KDE working for you? My KDE install’s Plasmashell likes to memory leak after half-a-day.


Finally got my ECM22 so I could hook up my sata M.2 (only sata m.2 slot populated by NVMe drive). Thought I’d take a pic while it was open. GPU power cables won’t fit from bottom (Fractal Meshify C) due to the fact I’m using half of the sata ports (2x3.5" drives, 2x2.5" plus sata m.2). Awesome case to build in! I’ll do a full battlestation pic once I get new monitor…and do some external cable management!


I can use it for a day or two before having to reboot. Most of the time I use i3, but sometimes I like being able to click and drag AND resize my windows.

Primary issues with KDE (and XFCE) is the dragging between monitors will break once in a while. My mouse will still go up but I can’t drag anything up or down.

So, I use it sparingly. Gnome lacks customization otherwise I’d use it a lot more.

Just to clear somethings up, I do not have issues with KDE every day or two, I just reboot as a preventative measure, as that seems to be the timeframe. And I can’t put multiple wallpapers of my choosing on Gnome without using Pinta, even then I can never line up the whitespace perfectly.

Just to be clear :grin:


Why is everyone so obsessed with Katarina? She’s such a skank.


Truthfully that was not my first choice my first choice was Sona because I usually play support in League but I did not like any of the mouse pads with Sona on them so I wen’t with Kat.


Look on the bright side. Can you imagine a mouse pad with the clockwork tits of Oriana? Damn, those wrists of yours will be gone in no time.


You must be talking about the old Orianna art, as her chest isn’t visible in the new one. Leona the CC Queen is my lady. Sona is fun though, especially throwing down those sick beats with DJ Sona. Janna is fun to frustrate players with, and Forecast Janna is a few clouds short of a storm.


My ever evolving battle station. Hopefully I am done for a while. Newly installed acoustic foam, hydraulic monitor arm, Ikea Signum cable rack under the desk and a BeQuiet Silent Base 800 with Noctua ULN fans and nh-d15s cooler. Also added the Sensei 310 to my growing mouse collection. Selling my Ryzen system with P400s glass case to a friend of mine.