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Post your battle stations!



PC: i5 4460, 16GB ram, 500GB SSD and 250GB SSD, RX 580
Monitors: from left to right, Dell U2410, Dell U2711, Dell 2208WFP
Peripherals: Ducky DK2108 keyboard, Mionix Avior 7000 mouse, Kingston HyperX Cloud headset, Xbox 360 Controller

I use a crappy plastic folding table as a desk and I’m looking to replace it. Space co monitor arms from ebay hold up two of my three monitors and I’m 6’6" so being able to have my monitors up high is awesome. Windows is installed on the 500GB SSD for games and Linux is installed on the 250GB SSD, right now I’m running Fedora with i3wm.

Sorry about the potato camera


Newly redone battle station:

Not too great at cable management but its an improvement considering how it used to be:

Dont you judge me…


Eppiiiiicccc Dark Souls background.



Unfortunately it’s 3…


Here is my mobile battle station

It is a hp laptop with an e2-7110 quad [email protected] 8GB of RAM(cam with 4). Currently it only has 500GB HDD in it, but I plan to add a SSD later. I’m running Pop_OS! on it. The mouse is a logitech mx anywhere (Great little mouse that the place I work carries for $40 even though it goes for around $60 online.) Headphones are the CB-1 from status audio. (@Logan recommended them in old Tek Syndicate video. They are great for the money if you want some flat headphones.)

It is just what I needed for some light gaming when I’m on my lunch break at work, and you can’t beat hardly beat $150 for a new laptop.


I loved all of them. 2 was my favorite. Best lore/NPCs imo.

Playing through Salt and Sanctuary now, which is more of a Castlevania + Dark Souls feel. Still epic. Hits the spot if you’re missing that style of play.


If you’re on linux you can install cmatrix and get similar results. I am sure there is a way to run a script after inactivity to simulate a regular screensaver.


good job that corner of the ceiling looks spotless fantastic


I guess he didn’t vacuum the floor or carpet or whatever…


Yay! My rig lives!

PCPP Build page:


Cutest damn cat.

What OS?


Windows 7 on a 850 Pro SSD, Ubuntu 16.04 and Fedora Workstation 26 and macOS Sierra 10.12.6 triple boot on a 750GB WD Black 2.5’’ 7200RPM HDD.


That is some 1337, right there. That’s awesome.


Clover was the bootloader that made it easy. But I have to reinstall Clover each time Fedora tries to overwrite the bootloader.

Oh yeah, and this:

384.111 Nvidia Drivers work with the mainline 4.15 RC Kernels for Ubuntu. Still can’t control the RGB lighting in Linux for the STRIX card though.


upgraded back to duel monitors


Are they still fighting?


What are those speakers?


Welcome back, I always preferred two over three tbh.


Is it just my imagination or does your mousepad have boobs?


I see a boobpad as well