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Post pictures of what you ate!



Xmas breakfast I wanted to try something a little fancier:

Garlic-roasted asparagus, sunny-side-up eggs and sandwiched in between some smoked gouda cheese. The asparagus was a little underdone but otherwise a nice breakfast. Seasonings pretty much limited to smoked sea salt, smoked paprika and fresh-ground pepper (should be obvious we like smoked things at this point…).

Yes the plate is too small, big whoop, wannafightabboutit?


Gin Tonic and “Salted Tortilla Chips” with hot hot dip. Me gusts.


Quite the breakfast there… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


its 7 pm in good ol germany. also i get up at 5 am and work till 3 pm. thx for the worries tho


Hey I was 23 once, I wasn’t judging! :beers:


Columbus Ohio has a great food court.

Spicy fried chicken on white bread, pickles, vinegar cole slaw, mac and cheese, sweet tea, natural black cherry soda, banana pudding with whipped cream and nilla wafers on top.


Made huckleberry pancakes for NYE breakfast. Quite tasty!


Oh damn that looks nice, what’s the recipe for those?


Mostly laziness. It’s from a kit that my father and stepmother sent us for last Christmas :joy:


My new year lonely dinner :frowning:


You could’ve come had curry with us!

Except we’re a little far away.

Edit: what’s that rice and mushroom dish?

Edit 2: wife says I have to give her credit for making the curry :grin:


Um… Just rice and mushrooms, in the oven, with a bullion cube and covered with a tin foil. Literally…


I’d add butter.

Everything’s better with butter!


Could be,… Probably right… Still, it’s a simple and amazingly tasty garnish to the pork steaks…


What bread is that?


Honestly, I can make only basic pizza dough, but it’s so versatile, that I end up using it for everything. So this is just basic pizza dough.
Basically 3 1/2 cups of flour, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon if oil, I use sunflower oil for everything, separately I have 1 cup of 40C warm water with 1 teaspoon of sugar and a pack of yeast. Mix until it becomes a ball of dough, let it rest for an hour, make a few small balls of the dough and let them rest for some 20 minutes and bake…


This new years dish, roastbeef with oven roasted potatos, green beans, fresh tomatos and thick mushroom gravy. Served with plenty of strong beer! Happy new year!


Kept hearing Takis were spicy, found a bag so got it and these are not spicy.


Rather late breakfast


Picked up what the local coffee shop calls a French toast muffin:

This thing weighed like 350g! It was excellent.