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Post pictures of what you ate!



Those actually sound good as in ingredients and content. I am actually surprised wit the amount of protein. BTW you got double serving there … (If we look the package)


Pork chop with mushroom pasta and cheese sauce.
I would have made chicken breast, but the meat smelled funny.


Breakfast was Siggi’s vanilla skyr with almond granola:



I’ll probably forget to post this in the next few days so I’ll do it now. Made up some lunches for this week with quinoa, roasted purple sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli and baked marinated tofu.


So Kaprese bruscheta

Chicken breast, marinated with pesto

And oven baked potatoes with pesto butter

I had some tomatoes and pesto salad, that was gone way before I thought to take pictures…


i was bored at work, made a scotch egg.


It’s either you are a chef in a restaurant or I envy your job, that have resources for the staff to make scotch eggs…


@Steinwerks are you vegan/plant-based diet? Your Thanksgiving was identical to mine lol.


Vegetarian, although I was vegan for about six years.


Dinner was Beyond Meat mock chicken strips baked with mushrooms and diced garlic in a wrap with spinach, pesto, a little marinara and some amazing French pecorino cheese.


Chicken, macaroni, mushrooms in tomato garlic spicy sauce.



Noodles! Broth is Oyster juice and fish broth with shoyu soy sauce and tamari, fermented soy bean paste, red sichuan oil, black sesame oil and black pepper oil. Also has habaneros, green onions, Fried smoked european style bacon, cilantro and garlic in it.

Basically it taste like extra strength smoked Ham/bacon.


Crème fraiche tortellini with bacon and onion.


Couple of Goat’s cheese and pesto breads (thanks, Lidl), and some coffee.



Those look amazing.


was stranded on the side of the road for 3 hours. Came back home and wanted something to warm me up


What is that?


its a pork stew with a lot of wine, garlic, tomato juice, onion, dijon, cayenne, oregano, nutmeg, salt, pepper, and puff pastry on top. oh, and obviously rice. I cooked the rice half way seperate, then tossed it in, honestly probably could of been cooked my outside of it, absorbed a bit more liquid than i was expecting.


I don’t quite understand why is the puff pastry on top…
But it looks good.