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Post pictures of what you ate!



Ate three slices of pecan pie yesterday… a bad idea (like 1500 calories), so had steamed broccoli and mock chicken with tomato and mozzarella for dinner with basil, salt, red pepper flakes and black pepper for dinner.



Basically macaroni with mushrooms and soy sauce and chicken boob with herbal crust…



Tried making carnitas with a pressure cooker came out pretty good.


Some kind of fricassee attempt… A fast lazy one…


Kaprese salad and couple sausages with cheese…


whats that on top of the salad - pesto ?


Pesto, yes…
It’s classic Kapresse salad - tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto. I just added olives to it.


was too lazy too google it up :smiley: and also communication with other people is important :smiley:


Fun fact, 90+% of the stuff in the forum can just be googled and the answer will be in the first few results. Yet, the forum is active… Nice talking to people.


Yeah I agree it’s fun to work together, no matter what it is.


Pasta, pesto, tomatoes, olives, no cheese though.


Pork, bacon and ham with mushrooms on a bed of fries…
Our Cheff made it by mistake and gifted it to me…


Rice and mushrooms and a desert, we here just call rice with milk…


Is it just boiled rice with milk cinnamon and sugar?




Seafood omelete with sausage


still working on the omelette skills I see, but damn those sausages just look like something else … i think you had those before right ? I mean I remember talking about them before.

Btw are you making the omelette in a non stick pan or normal ( no special covers ) ?


My omelettes have been much better than this one just that I do not want to keep uploading pictures of eggs every day. Those are different sausages that is made of multiple types of meat. The last one I had was pure turkey sausage.


Are they again frozen and from the same manufacturer because on the outside they look really close to the previous :smiley:


Different manufacturer. I’ll send a picture real quick.

Previous sausage
The one I ate today (12/08/17)