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Post pictures of what you ate!




I hope you made lotsa spaghetti.


Oh god... it's got the tomatoes in there... cooked tomatoes taste like despair... it's worse than I thought

In case you haven't picked up on it yet... I really hate spaghetti... but whatever lol y'all can eat the gross crap so I don't have to


you've never had sauce made from san marzano tomatoes


I don't think he likes tomatoes period.


you like ketchup and katsup


Yes... but that's different

I do like tomatoes... just not spaghetti tomatoes or sauce with tomatoes (ketchup's different)


what about pizza sauce?


Pizza's fine lol

Y'all ain't gonna change my mind on that there spaghetti garbage ya hear?


Well I'm not, but I do not know about @anarekist. Maybe he is a part of PETS (People for the Ethical Treament of Spaghetti). IDK.


make spaghetti great for @ThatBootsGuy again


Tomorrow we will have our fun :)
Don't worry. It's going to be just you, me, 350grams of ground meat, like half a kilogram potatoes, all the frozen vegies i have in my fridge...
BTW, i am really getting good at this... The sauce is one of the best i have ever made...


Don't worry, buddy... It's you and me now...
And I have a gift for you...
So I made the mashed potatoes. Proper ones, with real potatoes, milk and butter, not this powder crap.

Then I made the filling. Ground meat with vegetables. The meat was not enough, but anyways...

And here is the surprise...
I made one for you too...

Do you want some cheese on top? I put some anyways...

Man, if only I was as good in bed as I was in the kitchen...


lmao, he's a keeper @ThatBootsGuy


Some ladies prefer a good cook over a good insert applicable innuendo here

I will like it... but tomorrow as I've exceeded my quota for today by about 20 likes


Mmmm, dude, i make amazing blowj... i mean pancakes...
As for the liking it - no worries. I cook, because it actually brings me pleasure.


Alright, after 15 hours shift at work I wasn't really tired, I was just lazy. So I made scrambled eggs with some stuff...

The sliced bread is literally pan fried for a couple minutes on almost dry frying pan. Just didn't feel like eating plain bread. So I made it go through the frying pan before I made the eggs...


So today was an awful day...
Came back home, made some eggy bread...

Had some eggs left, so I made also a vegetable and cheese omelet...

All in 45 minutes...


Today I have Fresh Pacific Halibut, Blackend Cajun style. On the side a Rice Pilaf and some tomato slices with pickled spicy Asparagus.
Damn I love Halibut season.


So I'll keep spamming this thread, until I stop cooking for some reason...
Soy sauce chicken bites with onions and rice